Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A lot of full time RV’ers do what is called “Camp Hosting”.  Although I’ve never done it I do know it is basically just taking care of things around the RV Park in exchange for a free campsite.  I do know that in some cases it is also more than that, however, that is the basic.

This year I had the opportunity to Camp Host at two different places.  One was in Fort Langley, B.C. and the other in Merritt, B.C.  Unfortunately due to the gazillion health issues I have I am not able able to commit to something like that.

But can you imagine doing a Camping Hosting gig at a place like here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT, that is sooooo beautiful.  The Park Owner stopped by to chat with me today to ask if I knew anybody that would do this job.  I immediately thought of two different couples.

Joe and Tara have been doing it full time 24/7 and it’s just too much for one couple.  They never get a day off.

So if you know of anyone who might be interested – even for next Season – let me know and I’ll pass the word along.  Or call the Park directly.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The website for the HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT (which they are also improving regularly) boasts - “Arrive as Strangers, Leave as Friends” -

Well you know what I thought when I read that huh !! Yup, right --- PFFFTTTT !!

Or – “Ya Right !!”

Or even --

Now I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong – I do vaguely recall actually being wrong one other time in my lifetime….Winking smile

But in my time here I’ve gotten to know the regulars and they are all really nice Folks.

Tara/Joe are the Park Managers and are also lot Owners and fulltime here.

Stephanie/Franco are also lot Owners and just sold their house so they also will be full time here soon.

Both of these couples go South for the Winter months so I’m hoping I’ll cross paths with them down there as well.

Then there’s Carol and George who just had a flood in their house - poor things.

Glenn and Deb are another couple who are here every weekend. Those youngins’ are not yet retired. They just bought a new (to them) 5th wheel. Here’s Joe taking Glenn’s trailer to the dealership as Glenn didn’t have a truck big enough to tow it.

A few days later they came back with their new (to them) 5th Wheel.  Joe is hauling the rig followed closely by Deb.

And then Glenn….They were both sooooo excited !!

They said they couldn’t sleep the night before because they were so excited about getting the rig.

Getting things out of the way to make room for the new rig.

The goal is to line the rig up right next to that mat.


Now comes the time to back the HUGE rig into their spot.  I did mention to Joe that I’d be happy to do it for him if he was uncomfortable backing it in……..  He declined.  WHEW !!  LOL


They went from a 27’ TT to this 38’ 5th Wheel that has FOUR slides.  What, oh what, are they going to do with all that space !!??



Is he going to take out the fence !!??


I’ll label this one – “How many MEN does it take to back in a 5th wheel ?”  hehehe

Try three…..

Try four…

And she’s IN – and perfectly lined up I might add.  Notice the '”BOSS” walking around inspecting his mighty fine work.

Hope you noticed the beautiful blue skies and the gorgeous Mountains in these videos and pictures.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Still waiting for John to send me the pictures he took the day he and Elaine came by so I can do a Blog Post about it.  BUT if he’s anything like Elaine – well I’ll never get them !!  And of course Tyner wouldn’t have a clue how to do it.  LOL

The weather continues to be AWESOME with some days even TOO HOT whereby I’ve had to turn on the A/C in the rig.  And there is no riding when it gets too hot – hot air blowing in your face is no fun for me – to say nothing of how hot the pipes get.

In the meantime, I’ve just been doing small little jobs around the rig each day and going for short rides.

Tooth brush cleaning I call it !! Getting at every nook and cranny. Desert dust gets everywhere.


Especially the ‘garage’ which has never been cleaned. Scrubbing down the walls etc. Also during this process I’ve gotten rid of a TON of stuff.


I set up a table in front of the rig with a FREE sign on it.  The table was full and there were things laying on the ground as well.  As I came across things that I haven’t needed or used in THREE YEARS I wondered why I was hanging onto it ??  EVERYTHING IS GONE.

It continues to amaze me that I live in such a small space now and I still have TOO MUCH STUFF.  Just goes to show how little we need huh.

The window coverings in the garage have never been taken off.  And when I did take them off I found this broken screen.


Last Winter, I had lost the balance on the bike while it was in the garage and it fell against that window.  I thought only the window covering had been impacted.


Got going to fix this.


Lookie here – good as new !



Of course what I’ve accomplished in the last two months a normal person, with a normal energy level, could have done in one day !!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


But these were of the MUNCHKIN variety.

First Keith arrives with his beautiful daughter Laura.  Laura is 6 years old and the youngest of six children – yes Folks you read it right – SIX KIDS !!  Oh Me Nerves.

Laura was having some quality time with Daddy in a weekend get-a-way.

Little Laura is on the back in this pic.


The following day my Logger neighbour had his grandkids out for over-night.  They are Day Lynn and her little Brother Kage.


Day Lynn is 7 years old and I quickly introduced her to Laura.  They became fast friends and really bonded.


They were quite taken with the bike – my rig – and the garage ramp door.  They had a great time running up and down the ramp. 


Laura’s Daddy took a short video of the girls on the bike.  I started it up so they could REV it.  Little Kage patiently looks on.  He did get his turn of course.

Things continue to be BLISSFULL here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT.  You wouldn’t even be able to hear a pin drop here at night.  LOVE IT !!  I am sooooo glad I found this place.

In my three years on the road, I think this is the longest time I’ve spent in one spot.

Elaine and John also came out one day for a visit.  Just waiting for John to send me the pics he took so I can write a post about it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The weather has been in that elusive “PERFECT'” category for the last several weeks.  Don’t often get that do we.  Not too hot – not too cold – not too windy – NO RAIN etc. etc.

Paul is a fellow RV full-timer; Solo AND the most important thing is that he is also a fellow Harley Rider !

I met Paul through JIM & SANDIE way back in JANUARY, 2011.  Check out that link to see the amazing ride we took on the bikes.

Paul also has the most unique and completely awesome set-up for loading his bike.  Check it out HERE.  Joe, If you’re reading this you are going to be totally jealous !!

We met again in Arizona the following year.  In the meantime he has been EVERYWHERE !!  This guy really puts on the miles.  He toured the Maritime Provinces; went to Alaska; been to likely every State in the United States etc. etc.  He also spent two months last Spring (I think) in Australia and New Zealand – no, he didn’t take his rig or his bike on that trip.

Sandie sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago to tell me Paul is somewhere in B.C.  I e-mailed him and discovered he was less than an hour’s ride from where I am.

He came by the Park to visit.


We took a little run to Harrison Hot Springs where we had lunch and checked out the beach area.

Harrison Hot Springs is really a beautiful little place with lots of sandy beach areas and of course surrounded by B.C’s beautiful mountains.  However, now in my ‘elderly years’ I am finding it far too crowded; far too expensive and far too touristy.  So we got back on the bikes and took a ride up around the right side of the Lake (or is it a River ??) where there is a gorgeous little day use area with a sandy beach and much less crowded.

We met up another day and rode into Vancouver to see GROUSE MOUNTAIN and MOUNT SEYMOUR.  That day was disappointing.

First of all the traffic getting into (and out of Vancouver) is INSANE !!  Tons of traffic and road construction.

Although I’ve skied both Grouse and Seymour many times ‘back in ‘da day’ I had no memory of how to get there now and what it was like.

We arrived at the Grouse Mountain parking lot only to find that you had to take the Gondola Ride up the rest of the way to see anything.  I had Bennie with me so that wasn’t an option.  I felt kinda bad ‘cause I think if Paul had been alone he would have taken the ride up.

We stopped for lunch at Tim Horton’s.  Paul seemed reluctant as he thought Tim’s was only a donut place.  WELL you can’t say you’ve been to Canada without stopping at a Tim’s.  I believe he was very pleasantly surprised as we enjoyed a delicious sandwich, a drink and a fresh Boston Cream Donut !

I remembered going to one of these Ski Resorts and the road was very curvy (motorcyclists love curvy roads) and you could see all of the Lower Mainland and the Pacific Ocean off in the distance.

So off we headed to Mount Seymour.  Again disappointing.  Yes, the road up the Mountain was the same, however, there is no longer any viewing points.  Add 30+ years of tree growth and you’ll understand why.

Although it was still early in the afternoon we decided to head back home knowing I had a two hour ride ahead of me.

No, not even one picture taken that day !!

It was great seeing Paul again and catching up and I’m sure we’ll see each other again this Winter in Arizona.

I tried to talk him into staying longer in B.C. but he had reservations booked and is now off to Banff and Jasper.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Now that I’ve taken off being able to comment via “ANONYMOUS” I’ve had a few friends e-mail me asking how to comment.

I know if you have a G-Mail account you can comment.  But how do those that do not have a G-Mail account comment ??

Anybody know ??

Monday, July 8, 2013


Since that gawd awful HEAT WAVE we went through last week, the temperature have been in the PERFECT category.  Daily temps being in the mid to high 20’s – that’s high 70’s to low 80’s for my American friends.

And the forecast through to the middle of July is showing the same.  It cools down enough at night to make for wonderful sleeping but not cold. No complaints from this Blogger !

Bruce (logger guy who is parked next to me) told me he has a bird’s nest in the nose of his 5th Wheel.  I had to go see for myself.


Sure enough (at least) three little baby birds are there.  Isn’t is so amazing how the Mamma bird has made this nest for her babies.


Saturday I packed a Lunch with LOTS of bottled (frozen) water and Bennie and I headed out on the bike.  I thought I’d drop by the HD dealership in Langley but never did get there.

Once I got into Langley I realized some friends of mine lived close by so I dropped in to see them for a short visit.

Then I decided to take the long way home and swung by MAW’s in Chilliwack for a visit – and got fed !!

We left about mid day and didn’t get back home until later in the evening.  Sure was a great day.

Yesterday my goal was to FINALLY wash the bike.  Took off the windshield and saddle bags – love the look of the bike without those on but it’s just not practical.


Good thing I decided to do it then as later in the morning Joe (Park Manager) came by and told me there was a bike event at the SASQUATCH INN They were hosting a MOTORCYCLE SHOW AND SHINE.

This place is a very popular spot for motorcycle riders to stop at while enjoying a ride along the beautiful #7 Route through all the small communities.  I’ve seen the parking lot full on many occasions as I rode by there.  It is only a few minutes away from the RV Park where I am staying.



It was later in the afternoon before we got there but still quite busy….

Took a walk around looking at all the bikes….

Had to take a short video of this bike.  It is identical to mine with the trike conversion done on it. Oh yes, I can see a trike in my (elderly) future !!  LOL

In this video I am walking toward the Vendor area – and I didn’t buy a thing !!!

You never know what you are going to see at a Show & Shine !!  Check out this beautiful creature.  The Owner was explaining to someone that the bird is completely blind and had been in a horrible accident in Manitoba.

Joe and I took a little ride through Kilby after we left the S&S.  Short but sweet little ride yesterday.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Yesterday I received two e-mails NAGGING me to update my Blog.

So I figured I’d better get off my butt and write something.  Hard to write a Blog when I really have been doing very little.

The rain has finally stopped and we are now having absolutely gorgeous weather.

During all the “free leak tests” though I noticed that I do have a leak in the passenger front window.

I provided a very quick and very temporary fix.


I did a quick look outside around the window and did not see anything obvious where the water would be coming in from.  Added this to my never ending “To Do” list to check out further.

The Canada Day Long Weekend was busy here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT.

But as you can see still lots of empty spots.  This place seems to attract young families with young kids.  There is a wonderful large play area for the kids plus of course the water right at their door step for swimming.

The Park does not allow tents and I think that’s a good thing.  Tent people are generally young, single, drinkers, partiers, play loud music etc. etc.  Yup, Just like I was in my ‘tenting’ days.  And believe you me I (today) wouldn’t want to be camping near ME (in my 20’s).

Oh, To qualify the “no tents” rule – families who have booked a site with an RV on it are allowed to pitch a tent for the kids.

Also LOTS of boating going on.  Tons and tons of boats were enjoying the beautiful Harrison River and beyond.

But the Canada Day Long Weekend also produced record breaking temperatures !!  Man oh Man it was stinking HOT.

By 4:00PM on Saturday it was 28C/82F with a “feels like” 36C/97F.  On Sunday at 1:30 PM it was 29C with a “feels like” temperature of 36C.  That’s 84F with a “feels like” 97F.

At another point I checked the temperature online and it was 40C/104F.  I near melted.

On Saturday I finally had to give in and close all the doors and windows and turn on the A/C.  It didn’t work !!  It was blowing out warm air !!

I seldom use the A/C – actually I probably only have had it running just a few times in the two years I’ve owned this rig.

Yet for some strange reason when I tried it again the following day it did work.  I had everything closed up and turned it on at 9:30 in the morning and it didn’t get turned off again until 7 o’clock that evening.  I didn’t step outside the door the entire day.

That same day, looking around the Park, the kids were not even out playing.  It was just too hot to do anything.

Thankfully that extreme heat only lasted three days and since then it has been perfectly warm.

Despite it being busy on the Long Weekend it was still blissfully quiet – especially at night.  The kids went to bed and the poor exhausted parents sat quietly by their campfires chatting.

I am so glad I found this place.  I love it here !