Thursday, June 27, 2013


RAIN – RAIN --  RAIN !!!


p.s. The floor in the living area is filthy but I decide to wash the floor in the ‘garage’ !!  LOL

Monday, June 24, 2013


That’s the Slogan for the Chilliwack Airport Coffee Shop.  But this place is much more than an ordinary ‘coffee shop’.

As some of you know I lived in Vancouver, B.C. many, MANY years ago for about 15 years.  During that time I became good friends with several co-workers.

It’s very difficult to stay in touch with people once you move and your life (and theirs) go through so many changes.

Since living in Vancouver, I’ve lived in Toronto for many, MANY years and then returned back to NL and now for the last years I’ve been living in my RV.

Despite this I’ve managed to stay reasonably connected with a few of the woman I was friends with back in ‘da day.  Likely (I think) because with these three – we are all from the East Coast and that was the connection.

Marilyn (who I call MAW) is also originally from NL (although I didn’t know her there), Elaine (who I call Tyner) is from New Brunswick, and Lynn (who I call….well Lynn) from Quebec (I try not to hold that against her !! LOL).

I’ve already spent some time with Marilyn and Tyner but hadn’t seen Lynn yet on this trip.

“There’s no need to book a flight to sample the 60-plus types of pie at Chilliwack Municipal Airport’s coffee shop, a short detour on a Fraser Valley road trip.”


We got together on Sunday and had Lunch at this Coffee Shop.

Now you are no doubt wondering why on Earth would anyone have Lunch at an AIRPORT Coffee Shop.  An Airport is likely the worst place for food !

“Motorists road-tripping through the Fraser Valley can spot Chilliwack airport from Highway 1, due to the light planes descending gently toward the airstrip that parallels the road. A five-minute drive brings you to the terminal. Free parking! That’s enough to prove this is no ordinary airport.”


Not this place !!  The food is known to be delicious (and it was); the service outstanding (and it was) and particularly knows for its PIES.


I was too full after Lunch for the pie but I did get a slice of Blueberry Pie to bring home and ate it later.  Yummy !

“They`re freshly baked pies made on location and with real shortening. “


The girls came back to my place after lunch and we had a wonderful afternoon catching up and relaxing.


I can definitely see myself going back there some afternoon for another piece of pie.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


As I mentioned in my last post Joe and Tara (and of course little Milo) took me out for a spin in their boat.  What a time I had !!

Now you’d think that someone who was raised right on the Atlantic Ocean would be quite comfortable with the water.  NOT !!  I think I must have almost drowned when I was a kid ‘cause I have a love/fear of the water.

Love looking at it, walking around it, being by it – but not IN IT !

Here’s Milo looking way cool in his life jacket…


And Joe heading down the ramp to get the boat ready for take-off !


I decided not to take Bennie with me although they said I could.  I figured I’d have enough on my hands handling myself !

Some of the following videos are a bit blurry for the first second or so but they clear up.

BACKING OUT – The calmest part of the ride.

APPROACHING THE HARRISON RIVER BRIDGE – He’s still being considerate and going slow.

HE’S PICKS UP SPEED !  I had a TIGHT GRIP on something.

GOING UNDER THE BRIDGE – Gawd it looked like we were going to hit that bridge so I ducked which is why the camera went haywire at the end.


MORE CURRENTS – I think they had a great time watching the FEAR on my face.

DELIBERATELY GOING THROUGH THE CURRENTS – Lots of debris in the water so you gotta really watch where you are going.

DEAD END – He kept going down this part of the River and it looked like a dead end to me.

And it was a dead end.  He told me to “Hold On” – I didn’t realize he really meant HOLD ON !!  As he put the boat into a spin and got us turned around.

I had a BLAST !

Thursday, June 20, 2013


There are several little dogs here for Bennie to play with.

Meet Milo, that’s the Park Managers adorable little pooch.



One evening after Supper Bennie and I took a walk around the Park.  A couple of the Owners were relaxing and fishing on the dock.  Here’s Bennie, Milo and Teega.


Bennie and Teega.


George catches a fish.  Jo told me I’d better ZOOM IN in order to see it !!  Teega is very fascinated by it.  Naturally it got thrown back in the water.


All three little poochies playing.  The other two are much younger than Bennie but my little guy does his best to keep up.

I mentioned to Jo that he should take me out on a boat spin one day.  “Let’s Go !” he said and next thing you know we are zooming through the waters.  More about that in my next post.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yup, It’s SKEETER Season here in Beautiful (but ALWAYS raining) British Columbia.

Of course with me it doesn’t matter if there’s one or a hundred !!  They love me !!  I have about 10 bites all over my arms and ankles – yes they’ve even bitten me on the ankles through my socks.

These bites turn into welts and lasts for days.  I have a product that takes the itch away thankfully.

I can’t imagine being in a forested Provincial Park right now – you definitely would not be able to sit outside at all.


Pretty much every day, and especially on weekends, I see all these hand gliders.  One day I saw 7 of them.  Now THAT is something I’d LOVE to do.


I haven’t figured out yet where they take off from or where they land but I’m going to try and find out.  I’d like to see that.


Also on the weekends the rich Folks go to the SANDPIPER GOLF RESORT (which is right next door to this Park) and take their own private airplanes out for a spin.  So I get to see an air show every weekend.  This Golf Resort has its own landing strip !!

I haven’t been able to get a pic of that yet.  But I got these pics from the Internet.  Gorgeous huh !!




One day I took a spin to Harrison Hot Springs.  This little Town was a favourite weekend get-a-way spot for us back in ‘da day.  But, like everything else, it has changed a lot and is now very ‘Touristy’.

It is still a gorgeous spot but the day I was there it was oh so busy – there was even a Wedding on the Beach.

I decided to head out of Town and towards the SASQUATCH PROVINCIAL PARK.  I wanted to see what this Park was like but the Camping areas are 6KMS/4MILES further into the Forest and on a dirt road.

The road was in good condition and I rode in about 3 KMS and then decided to turn around.  Too much wiggly wobbly on the bike for this old gal.

I found an awesome day use area (that is also park of the Park) which is described on their website as “a quiet alternative to the main beach and swimming area in town”.  I couldn’t agree more !!


I ‘specks Bennie and I will ride out there again packing a lunch and bringing a book to spend a few lazy hours there.


I saw this pic on Facebook.  Just had to post it !!    OUCH !


Friday, June 14, 2013


As my good Bud SANDIE always says – “It’s hard to find something to Blog about when you’re just living”.


That’s what the Owners have named the spot Jo and Tara (Park Managers) have.  And I continue to be amazed with what they’ve done with their spot and how beautiful they have it.

They just recently finished screening in their deck area.  They bought this product while in Arizona last Winter and apparently it is wind and rain resistant.  Sure extends their outdoor living space – despite the weather !

See the part at the front of their 5th wheel ?  Well that is for their motorcycle.


I saw this guy fishing while I was walking around.  This is how I spell S E R E N I T Y !!


Had my second little fire.


But with me – well if you are gonna have a fire – have a FIRE !!




I drink a LOT of water.  At least 4-5 bottles a day and that gets expensive here.  In Yuma you can get 5 Gallons of drinking water for 50 Cents !  Here (at Walmart) to re-fill your drinking water jugs it is .93 cents a Gallon (plus the taxes of course !)

So to re-fill 10 of my 1 Gallon jugs now costs me about $10.00 instead one $1.00 !!

I re-fill my drinking water jugs and then re-fill my drinking water bottles. Turns out the tap water is drinkable – according to Jo.  He said they tapped into a spring.  So I went out and got a filter (just as an added precaution) and one of those 1-2 adaptor thingies.


Actually I already have one of those adaptors – but CAN’T FIND IT !!!  Don’t know how I can’t find something in such a SMALL living space but I do manage it on a regular basis !!

So now I have one attached to the water filter and will refill my drinking water jugs through this one.


And the other outlet I will use for anything else I need water for – like re-filling my fresh water tank etc.

I wonder what the reasoning was for putting the water spigot underground ??  Sure makes it difficult to get at.


YES, The string broke on another blind !!  How many is that now ??  I’ve lost track !!


Am I that hard on them ??  I think the reason is that the Factory just strings them far too tight !  To open them takes both arms and all my strength – ok well “all my strength” isn’t that much ‘cause I’m such a weakling.

So when I re-string them I don’t make it so tight and much easier to raise.

The good news is that I sure know HOW to re-string them now.


But it doesn’t make the job any less tedious.


A little video of Bennie running around.  He doesn’t run as fast as he used to that’s for sure.  My little boy is over 13 years old now.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I’m liking my spot over here with the Logger guys !  That’s because there is only one of them and he’s gone all day.  LOL

He (apparently) leaves very early in the morning and gets home late – about 7:00PM – and goes straight into his rig.  Gotta love neighbours like that.

I had a couple of things to fix on the roof so took the opportunity to take an aerial view of this Park.


And a short little video:

The track for draining off the water was full of debris so I cleaned that out.


Then I decided to tackle putting that sewer vent on properly.  My Brother put this one on last Fall and while it was functional it wasn’t done right.


This is the one I installed a few months ago and is the way it is supposed to be.


First job – and really the hardest part to this whole process – is getting all the goop off.




Two big jobs done and that’s it for me for the day.  Sat back with my book and enjoyed my first camp fire.


I really have been doing very little.  My energy level has been lower than its normal low so not much to Blog about.

It continues to be blissfully quiet here – just the way I like it.  Even the weekends are not busy yet.  A few extra people on the weekends and that’s about it.  Apparently it won’t get busy until School is out.

Friday, June 7, 2013


I guess once I ride this route several hundred times I’ll tire of it.

But for now I love it.  The road is in excellent condition; there are enough curves and twisties to make it great for riding and the scenery is amazing.

You are surrounded by mountains and farmland.

This one is going over the Harrison River Bridge – almost home.  Where I am staying is just off to the left.  Just off to the right is KILBY PROVINCIAL PARK where I stopped awhile back to have lunch one day.  There is more information about the Kilby Historic Site HERE.

There are lots of little guys around here for Bennie to play with.  He just met Tega (sp?) who is only 3 years old.  Bennie does try to keep up and this little guy is just about the cutest little pup you’d ever want to see !


Not possible around here.  I showed you pics of some of the Owner’s set-ups.  Beautifully landscaped and covered areas so they can enjoy being ‘outside’ despite the weather.

I figured seeing as I’m going to be here for awhile I’d add my own bit of colour to brighten up my spot.


We just went through FIVE straight days of beautiful sunshine and warmth.  Even the evenings were warm enough to leave all windows open overnight.  Dang, those crickets/frogs are LOUD !  LOL

We have some rain here today, however, after today the forecast is once again saying lots of sunshine and warm temperature.  Love that !  I have found that since I’ve gotten ‘older’ the weather really affects me.  I NEED sunshine or else my whole mood changes.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Getting settled here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT.  It was previously called Old Orchard RV Park but they are going through a name change and the website desperately needs updating. But it gives you a good idea of the spot.

Nice to have my chairs and mat out and the weather has even been co-operating these last few days.  It’s been GORGEOUS and I’m sitting outside until it’s almost dark.



Last Sunday my good Friend Elaine came to visit.  She had to get her Hubby to Bellingham Airport for an early morning flight so stopped in on her way back.  Here she comes in her FANCY SMANCHY Convertible.


Tyner and I have known each other since W A Y  B A C K  in the 70’s when we worked at the same place.  Although many years would go by (after I left B.C.) we still maintained our Friendship.


We had a great day talking and talking and talking and took a walk around this beautiful Park.  Boating is BIG around here.


I wanted to get a picture of the two of us but there was no-one around.  I’m trying to figure out the self-timer feature on my camera.


Finally did manage to get a half decent one -  I won’t show you all the discards – but some of them were funny.


We had a wonderful visit – one of many I’m sure as the Summer goes on.  I noticed over on the other side of the Lake ( well it’s actually the Harrison River but everybody here calls it the Lake) it was looking quite nasty.

You can see a glimpse of it in the upper left of this picture.


As soon as Tyner left I noticed it was heading in this direction.  I just had time to get the cover on the bike and close the ramp door and it HIT.  The RAINS came down from the sky with a vengeance !  Another ‘free’ leak proof test for the rig.  LOL

It only lasted for about 1/2 hour and passed on to someplace else.  And the sun came back out.

Sure was a nice day.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Yes, That’s what those weather people are – LIARS !!  All last week it was awful – rain, rain and more rain.  I was stuck in the house getting serious cabin fever.

I kept checking the forecast and there ‘appeared’ to be hope by Friday and they said we were actually going to get several days of sunshine !

The closer it came to Friday well that changed.  They changed the forecast to show rain for Friday but starting Saturday it was going to be warm and sunny.  OK, I figured, I can hold out one more day.

And then that changed !!  The closer it got to Saturday the forecast changed again and it showed rain for Saturday – and it goes on !

RENE asked in my last Blog post if the Park was directly across the Harrison River from where he plays golf.  I believe I am – the following picture must be the golf course ?


I never noticed it before in my walks around the Park – likely because I couldn’t see it due to all the rain and fog !!

So Rene no excuses now.  Hop on that gorgeous new Harley you got and you and Jeanette pop by for a visit !

So far my stay here has been wonderful.  The OLD ORCHARD RV PARK is blissfully quiet and the only thing you can hear at night are the crickets – well Norm says they are frogs that are making that sound at night.

This is the view I have from my side door.  Now if only I could get that trailer moved !!  Must talk to Management about that !!  LOL


And this is my view from my front window.  Oh yeah, I can live with this.


Each time I walk around the Park I see something that I haven’t noticed before.  They even have a couple of these around in case we are caught off guard with our ‘kids’.  Absolutely NO excuses for not picking up after your animals.


Tara (and hubby Jo) are the Park Managers and I posted pics of their gorgeous spot in my last Blog.  The regulars here at the Park have named their spot as “Tara’s Point”.  Love it.

Again I never noticed before the arrangement of flowers etc. at the base of this tree which is directly behind their rig.  Check out the wood sculpture in the centre of the pic.


And look at these two wood sculptures !!  Don’t know (yet) who does them but it is pretty amazing stuff.


Yesterday Betty (my EX-EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT) and hubby Norm came by to visit and bring me some mail I had forwarded to them.



I made lunch !!  Egg salad sandwiches, marble cake and grapes.


We took a walk around the Park.  I was holding on for dear life in both of the following pictures !!


You see we walked out on the dock and it was swaying with the flow of the water.


It wasn’t overly cold but despite the ‘forecast’ for sun and warmth Saturday was a cloudy and gloomy day.


So we had lunch inside and enjoyed our visit.

Today my good friend Tyner came to visit – that will be for another Blog Post.