Thursday, April 25, 2013


The weather has been good this week so I’ve been getting some riding in.  Or it is better stated that I’ve been getting some “getting LOST a lot in” !  LOL  Could be warmer but HEY it’s still only April.

More rain coming this weekend so I want to take advantage of it while I can.

Finally got to meet those 5 adorable puppies the neighbours have.  They sure took a liking to my sneakers and particularly the laces.  And oh my, I had forgotten how sharp those puppy dog teeth are.

Difficult to get a good pic of them because they don’t stay still for very long.


This little one was adorable playing with the cushion.

Took a little walk up the road from where I’m now temporarily ‘living’.  Beautiful area.


Look at the SNOW on those Mountains !

Don’t know what that body of water is – perhaps part of the Fraser River ??

I’m really liking it here.  I’m finding it very relaxing and peaceful.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Well it’s hardly ‘Boondocking’ !  I have access to 15AMP AND 30 AMP electrical; water; a dump station; WiFi etc. etc.  The place even has a swimming pool and hot tub !!

I’m not using any of the facilities though – well ‘cause I don’t need to.  I likely will do the tanks though before I head out.

The Owner has this HUGE farm land and previously RV’d.  And the nicest person you’d ever want to meet.  And NO, I’m not just saying that ‘cause I know she’s reading my Blog now.  LOL

Now that it’s finally stopped raining I can show you a few pics of part of this property.  It’s absolutely beautiful here. These pics were taken from the back of the house.

In that plastic looking thing – that looks like a green house - is where the pool and hot tub are.


Bennie loves it here as he has so much freedom.


As you can see from the following little video, my Bennie has made himself quite at home.

Bennie & Igor have become the best of pals.

That little Igor is sure getting a work out.

The neighbour also has three little Yorkies (plus 5 pups that I haven’t seen yet) and one of them really took a liking to Bennie.

I’m gonna call this place Igor’s RV Park and Spa – the Spa part ‘cause all the dogs here are so spoiled !


This little guy just kept following Bennie around.



Three of the Owner’s dog – three of the neighbour’s dogs – and Bennie.


Finally got the bike out.  Poor thing has been tied up in the garage since I put it in there before leaving Vegas.  That’s almost a month ago now.

I took a ride into ‘Town’ today to get my hair cut.  Joan’s Son had told me about a nice little riding road leading to Cascade Falls Regional Park.


I could actually hear the Falls from the parking lot but didn’t take the trail to it.  That will be for another day.

Saturday, April 20, 2013



Today I took my good friend – and EX EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT – out for lunch as it was her Birthday.  Well, according to HER, it’s her Birthday WEEKEND !!


She took her EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT duties very seriously and even called me Boss – as she should !


Admittedly I did fire her several times and now she’s up and QUIT on me !!  Leaving me to find my way around the Country all by myself.  Oh Me Nerves !


Two years ago today she tracked me down on Facebook – after being out of touch for about 30 years !!  She’s been stalking me ever since !!

No pictures were taken today and I had just received my new camera from AirMiles and the battery wasn’t charged.

These two pictures were taken at her wedding in 1985.


Yes Folks, That is ME in a DRESS and holding a PURSE !!


Betty, Hope you relax and enjoy the rest of your day. Remember you’re OLD now !!


Friday, April 19, 2013


It was overcast and rained pretty much the entire day yesterday and today.  And with the battery on my computer on its last legs, I have to have the computer plugged in (inverter on) all the time.

This is what my reading was showing this morning at about 11:30AM.  That’s only 3.7 AMPS coming in – whereas the battery is usually fully charged by that hour – or if not then about 20 AMPS should be coming in.


And the battery was showing only 12.7 – should be showing 14.4.


I’m not worried though because I am not an energy hog at all and all the lights I use are now LED.

Yesterday I moved to my new boondocking spot in Mission, BC – more about that later – that has a 30 AMP that I can plug in to at any time.  I’m not going to though because I really want to ‘test’ the upgrades I did with my solar this past Winter.

Last night, when I turned the Inverter off, I was down to 12.4 – that’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it go to.  Still 12.4 is 80% charged so I’m pleased.

We’ll see how low I go to tonight.  Naturally the batteries didn’t reach anywhere near a full charge today and the computer has been on all day.

There was a short break in the rain so I took the opportunity to take a little walk around.  Here’s my set-up:


Another factor against me, as you will notice in the above pic, is that I am under trees.  It looks a lot ‘brighter’ in these pics than it actually was.


Yes, Bennie is wearing his sweater ‘cause it’s FREEZING out there.  And I was wearing my WINTER COAT !


Bennie was enjoying his freedom and all the smells.  There are a LOT of dogs around here so I do have to keep a close eye on him.  When I called him to come to me he paid NO ATTENTION.


Well that is until the Owner’s dog came out to say “Hi”.  Since Bennie has gotten older he is now afraid of larger dogs so he ran to his Mommy pretty quick.


Once we got back inside Bennie wanted up on the dash to keep a close eye on things outside.


My little boy takes his ‘Guard Dog’ duties as seriously as he takes his ‘Co-Pilot’ and ‘Helper’ duties !!


“WHEW, It all looks safe.  I think I can relax for awhile.  But I’m keeping a very close eye on that black dog over there ‘pretending’ he’s sleeping. If he moves I’m gonna bark him to death !”


I’m starting the evening with the battery at 12.4 – I usually start the evening at 12.9 (fully charged).

Thursday, April 18, 2013


One minute it’s fine – the next minute it’s not.

George (MAW’s hubby) and I took the rig over to an Auto Parts place to try and find something to assist me with checking and filling the rear dualies.

I was stopped at an intersection and someone knocks on my window to tell me my step is out.  Odd ?  Even if I forget to turn if off, it automatically retracts as soon as you turn the ignition key.

So here we are, stopped at a busy intersection, with George and I laying on the ground trying to figure out the problem.  The bolt which holds it and is attached to a motor somehow has snapped off like a toothpick !


How do these (supposedly) heavy duty bolts break !!??  Last Summer, while in NL, one of the Sway Bar Links broke.  I thought I had blogged about it but if I did I can’t find it.  Here are the pics….



We had to use bungee cords to secure the step back in place until I could find a place to get this fixed.

I’ve gotten used to MOBILE EVERYTHING while in Arizona.  Yes, For pretty much anything you might want done, there is a mobile service.

I called O’Connor RV (the largest dealership in Chilliwack) and they couldn’t get me in anytime this century !!  But they did refer me to a Mobile Tech guy with a HIGH recommendation.


Nik came by to look at the situation.  A new bolt had to be ordered.


Nik’s Father was an RV Tech his career and Nik has worked for several RV Dealerships. He started out on his own only a year ago so is still building his Business.

Two days later he’s back fixing it.


The entire step had to come out and believe you me that thing is HEAVY !!


But in no time at all the job is done !!


I would highly recommend this guy !  If you are anywhere in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley area of British Columbia he’s your guy !

As usual Bennie being the great little helper that he is, was EXHAUSTED after all that hard work.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I’ve been spending the last few days at my friend Marilyn’s place.  We all just call her MAW !

Marilyn and I go back to the 70’s in my early years living in Vancouver.  We both moved from Newfoundland (although we didn’t know each other there) and arrived at the same house in Vancouver within two days of each other.  We have been friends ever since.

MAW has been feeding me every day since I got here but on Sunday she cooked ‘Sunday Dinner’ – turkey with all the trimmings.  YUM !  I thought it was Christmas.

She got very FANCY SMANCY for this dinner – we sat in the Dining Room !!  No eating at the kitchen table for this event.


Here’s MAW – happiest when there’s a crowd in the house and she’s in the kitchen cooking for someone.


Her two Daughters, with their respective boyfriends, were also here.



Fancy flowers and everything.


AND not only one dessert…..




I could barely move afterwards I was so full.

Here’s a picture taken from MAW’s backyard.  Gotta love those B.C. mountains.


I’ll be leaving Chilliwack soon – actually I had planned on pulling out yesterday  – but a bolt snapped off on my steps rendering them useless and now they will not retract back in.  So I’m waiting for the part to come in.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I’ve been collecting AirMiles since it first started and redeem the points collected fairly regularly.  There are no taxes nor shipping fees on anything you redeem.

It occurred to me this morning to check AirMiles for those point and shoot cameras – like the one I had (and loved) and the one I just bought.

I found this one:


I ORDERED IT !!  So I’ll be returning the camera I just bought !!

Then I thought to check to see if they offered a GPS.  Their selection was limited to only three.  And only one of them being a Garmin.

Here’s what it says about it:

“Garmin nuvi® 2595LMT

Let nüvi 2595LMT lead the way with its big 5'' (12.7cm) touchscreen display and powerful navigation features.

It includes free lifetime traffic and map updates, voice activation and more. With its innovative voice-activated navigation, you can control nüvi 2595LMT with your voice - allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel. Simply wake up nüvi with a customizable voice command and begin speaking menu options that are clearly displayed on the screen. When you’re stopped, you can still control the nüvi using its intuitive touchscreen interface.

  • View routes on the 5'' (12.7cm) touchscreen
  • Navigate hands-free with voice-activated navigation
  • Enjoy FREE lifetime map and traffic updates
  • Avoid traffic tie-ups with 3D traffic, subscription-free live traffic updates from the extensive traffic avoidance system
  • Know which lane to be in, thanks to advanced lane guidance with exclusive photoReal junction view
  • Use in portrait or landscape mode
  • Make hands-free calls
  • See what’s coming with Enhanced Exit Services
  • Get fast route calculations and address lookups with Garmin Guidance 2.0”



Now if this thing sends me down country roads and into residential areas, I’m coming back to haunt each and every one of you guys who have been nagging me to get a GPS !!  LOL

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Figured I’d write a post to explain to the Folks why (in the 21st Century !!) I do not own a GPS.

When I started out on this (mis-adventure) I actually did have one.  I called it ‘Betty’.  That chosen name turned out to be quite ‘appropriate’ later on.

That was November, 2010 and was also when I had the Class C TOWING (READ ==  Backing up was to be avoided at all costs !!) a small trailer that housed my motorcycle.

That stupid thing sent me down country roads,  into major residential areas and would yell at me “Turn left now” – then – TURN LEFT NOW !!”  I was in the middle of the frikkin’ Interstate !
I pulled it out of the charger more often than not and it stressed me beyond belief.  Finally (and thankfully) it died !

I’ve had numerous people ask me (because they are so SHOCKED) why I don’t have a GPS.  I answer “Because I don’t need one.”

In a recent Blog, Rene' and Jeanette commented:

“Sassy, I wonder why you would not use a GPS to guide you through difficult and complex roadways in major metropolitan areas. I use one and it is truly a gift. Your thought????”

Well I really have been meaning to get another GPS – however, since it’s been almost three years now obviously it has not been a priority.  And, believe it or not, I’ve gotten lost much, much LESS without a GPS.

The main reason why I have not gotten another one is BUDGET.  Every month something else comes up that depletes any extra money I may have.  For example, my little camera just died.  And oh, the poor little thing, it was a painful death.  You see it fell to the floor while I was driving one day.  I had forgotten that it had fallen and later remembered ‘where’ it had fallen.  In between the slide out.  As I had already put the slide out it was crushed in there.  I had to retrieve it from outside and amazingly enough it was still kinda working but the outside shell and view area was all cracked.

And now my computer is dying.  The battery is no longer holding a charge but thankfully I can have it plugged in all the time so I am getting by.  And for the cost of a new battery, well I might as well buy a new computer.  So that’s in next month’s budget.

This computer is only two years old but I’ve never liked it from Day One.

I think using a GPS is great when there are two people travelling.  The driver does what the driver is SUPPOSED to do.  Drive the rig and watch the traffic.  The Co-Pilot (usually the wife) checks the GPS and instructs the Driver along with the GPS’s instructions.

While driving across the Country last Fall with my Brother and Sister-In-Law, I had a good laugh many times at my Brother’s expense.  Whenever he was going through a major City with multiple lanes he would say “Carol” – then – CAROL !!!  “What lane am I supposed to be in ?”  I would say to him – “Don, Just keep following the signs that say I-40W” (or whatever Interstate # we were on).

My little Bennie is the greatest little Co-Pilot anyone would ever want – but he’s not so good with technology.  LOL

As a Solo I want all my focus on the driving and not pressing buttons or looking at the maps on the GPS.  And really you only use the GPS when you are on the road. Once I arrive at my destination in the States/Canada then I pretty much stay put – so no need of a GPS.

I would much prefer to plot my route on google – thereby having a visual in my head – the night before my travel day.  One day, I’m sure, I will get a GPS, but for now the way I’m doing it works very well for me.

This brings me to a post I’ve been meaning to do.  A post of all the great websites there are out there for us RV types.  I must get to doing that post soon.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Could have crossed into Canada on Sunday but inside decided to do an O/N at Wally’s in Bellingham.  Woke up the next morning to a FROSTY  43F/6C.

Going through the Border crossing….


And of course it was NOT without incident !!  That just wouldn’t be me !!  Apparently my passport is FLAGGED due to the problems I had two years ago when I first brought this rig back into Canada.  I thought I blogged about that but I can’t find the post so therefore can’t provide you with the link.

I was surprised because I’ve crossed back into Canada since that incident (on the East Coast) without any problems.  I was told to pull over and go into the Office.  You know it’s never good when you have to go into the Office !!

The guy asked me some questions – which I answered completely honestly ‘cause I knew he already knew the answers and then he took a look in the rig.  I asked him about it and he told me the ‘flag’ will be on my passport for several years.  That’s fine as long as I know and therefore won’t be taken by surprise again.

Safely back in Canada, I was headed to Wally’s in Port Coquitlam and although it was only 25Miles/40KMS, there was lots of left and rights, merging on the Freeway and off etc.  I knew my FANCY and HIGHLY TECHNICAL GPS would be required.


Despite that I got horribly LOST and ended up about 20 miles in the opposite direction of where I wanted to be.  I think I crossed this Bridge three times !!  And it’s a TOLL BRIDGE !!  Me Nerves !!





Amazingly I was greeted with beautiful sunshine !  But that was short lived – it’s been raining, foggy, and COLD ever since.  This will surely be a good test of my upgraded solar system and so far (only two days) it is working wonderful.  Bearing in mind though that I am not an energy hog.

Got to see and go to IHOP for breakfast with my EX EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.  Yup, ‘Da lazy bum up and quit on me !!

Heading to Chilliwack today to spend some time with an another old friend.