Monday, December 9, 2013


As I write this on Monday, December 9th at 10:30AM it is only 48F/9C and it’s WINDY with 21 MPH WINDS.  It’s hitting the driver’s side of my rig – that’s the side with the big slide-out so I just put that in in order to protect the slide topper.  PLUS it contains the heat in a smaller area.

Having the slide in sure makes for tight living quarters.

Then I realize a COLD draft was still coming in through the bottom of the slide-out – so much so that it was blowing the flame on my Mr. Heater.  Solved that problem right quick by stuffing a blanket in there.


However, unlike being NORTH where it’s COLD and there will be no sign of warmth until next April – here it will be just a few more days.  Today and tomorrow being the coldest.  Then it’s back up to the High 60’s to low 70’s !

The other day after Bennie got out of bed I noticed him on the chair just SHIVERING !!  Mom to the rescue !!  Can’t have my boy cold.


“Ah, That’s better Mom.  Thanks !  I’m going to have a nap now.”


So before it turned COLD I continued to check things off my never ending TO DO list.

It was the bike’s turned to get a bit of pampering.  I brought it in to HD for its oil change and overall check over.  They tell me I’m gonna need a new rear tire soon.  Damn !

Then I got it washed with a good power spray.  Kinda pointless in the desert but I like to do it once a year. 


In between I can keep it semi clean.  I wanted to get all the sand out of the parts I can’t get to – from that awful wind storm we had while I was in Overton, NV.


All sparkly now – but not for long.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of the bike without the windshield and saddle bags – but that’s just not practical for riding around.



Up to this point, each year I incur a fairly major expense getting things for the rig in order to be more and more comfortable and self-contained.

First year I added (2) 135W Solar Panels to my existing two batteries.  Nice !  What a comfort.  Even at that point I have never EVER – no, not even once – needed to run my generator in order to charge up my batteries.

Last year I added (1) more 140W Solar Panel and added (6) new 6V Trojan batteries.  Everything is working perfectly and when it comes to Solar…..

I’M DONE !!  Now that’s a nice feeling.


Another MUST if you boondock.  I did the same thing with those as I did with the solar.  Spread the expense over two years.

First I did the ones I use the most.  Last year added a few more.

This year I realized I really don’t NEED any more.  I have very few lights on at night.  But I decided to add one to the bedroom ceiling fixture.  I had already done the bedroom reading lights and the small bedroom vanity light.

Now I’m a person who has absolutely NO memory left !!  So I had to undo one of the ceiling lights that I had already done in order to follow the wiring.


Trying to follow the wiring from that one I started on the new one.  In order to wire up the new bulb you have to CUT one of the existing wires from the fixture === G U L P !!!


I checked and checked and double checked again before I did that.  Then SNIP !!  Crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I could cross I gave it a whirl.  It worked !!

I wanted to replace the small bulbs in the fixture over the bench table – which I NEVER use and it turns out Susan and Leon had a gazillion of those kind so gave me two.

So now, as for LED lights, I’M DONE !!

When you think of the desert you automatically think of Cactus – right ?  Well there are Palm Trees here as well… Nice huh.


This morning Bennie got smarter and got up on the seat where the sun was shining in.


Just waiting on a parcel to arrive here in Yuma and then I’m on the road again.  Where oh where shall I go ???

It’s now about Noon and the temperature is still only 50.5F/10.3C and the wind gusts are now at 26 MPH.


  1. Well it was 26 here last night in Tacoma Wa. I can't even go for my 2 mile walk with out frezzzing to death. 49 would be a summer wonder land for me.
    Nice job on your lights, not to many people do there own work.
    And the Harley looks great.... a clean machine is a happy machine, I just started my bike and let it run for awile, at least you can ride yours.
    Have a warm trip... Scott

  2. We have thinking of looking into buying a Canyon Star like yours. We currently have a 5th wheel toyhauler. We were rearended last week and the 5er is in the repair shop. When we get get it back I think it might be time to trade. We ride a 2012 Heritage. I was wondering if you could contact me with your opinion of the Canyon Star. My email is if you can give me any advice. Thank you

  3. It is cold but you are right, if we hang around long enough, the weather will improve. If you're through upgrading your solar, you might want to find something else you need. Hmmm. I'll have to help you think of how best to spend your extra money.

  4. Man, if it's not warm in Yuma, it's not warm anywhere in AZ. I will be so glad when we get back up into the 60's later this week. Nights still cold but at least the days may be tolerable. Nice to know that you have all the BIG items for your home and you can hang onto some of that money. Good job with the lights. You can do it. Be safe.

  5. Except for this cold snap, it looks like you and Bennie are set!

  6. LED's are on our list. Expensive I understand.

  7. Wow Sass, the bike really looks sharp without the rear seat and the bags taken off

  8. With those wind gusts I go nowhere. Gusts up to 20 mph are my maximum. Glad to see you are able to keep yourself and Bennie warm in this cold snap we are having. Sure hopes it finishes snapping soon, though.

  9. D...sorry to hear about your cold weather.....been in the 30's here in Santiago,, still have not purchased the bikes...tomorrow we go to the bank to see if we can get 1,020,000.00 pesos...with the daily limit we may have to withdraw over a few wanted cash for best deal...can not blame them as they likely lose 5% on Visa........I will send you some warm weather