Thursday, December 12, 2013


Thankfully that awful COLD spell we had is now behind us and we once again have gorgeous warm temps in the 70’s range.  However, the morning are still very cold at about 40F/4C.  That amazing Arizona sun warms things up quickly though.

Borrego Springs you wonder ??  Well Jean & Skip are here and love it and Jean was nagging, nagging, nagging, me to come here.  I tell ya 10 - 20 e-mails A DAY saying “Oh, please come here.  We miss you sooooo much.  We can’t live another minute until we see you and Bennie again.”

OK, So NO, that didn’t really happen – hehehehe.  But we both we hoping we’d end up in the same spot at least once more over the Winter so I figured I’d give this place a try.  It’s about 140 Miles from Yuma.

AND the most important thing was that it gets the same temps (or better) than Yuma.

AND I did tell myself that I would try different places this year.

“Borrego Springs is a census-designed place (CDP) in San Diego County, California. The population was 3,429 at the 2010 census, up from 2,535 at the 2000 census. Many residents are seasonal while others remain year round. Borrego Springs is completely surrounded by Anza-Borrego State Park, the largest of California's State Parks.”

“There are no stop lights in Borrego Springs and night time lighting is kept to a minimum to protect the extraordinary magnificence of the starlit sky. Many describe Borrego Springs as a Palm Springs that existed 50 years ago.”

Folks, This is a SUN RISE over the desert – not something I get to see very often.  Actually I think it’s only been one other time…..LOL


First order of business when I pull into a new boondocking spot is to get the solar panels tilted.  While up there I took these pics to give you an idea of the surroundings.

That is JEAN & SKIP'S rig across the way from me.  Skip, AS ALWAYS, is out cleaning his rig.


Dirt and grime and dust don’t stand a chance with this guy.  Here’s a close up.


All those little dots way off in the distance are other rigs boondocking here.  Oh, Check out that gorgeous BLUE SKY !!


I zoomed in to get a better look.


No FANCY SMANCHY RV Parks for us.  We LOVE boondocking in the desert.


There’s Jean going off to take the dogs for a long walk.


While I was up on the roof tilting the panels I took a short 360 degrees video of the area.

Some people like to go DEEP into the desert for the ultimate in peace and quiet.  See that little white dot way out there…


Here he is when I zoomed in….



While I was doing my set-up Bennie kept wandering off checking everything out.  So I had to put him on the leash for awhile.  You can see how happy he is about that….NOT !!


Skip has been thinking (seriously) about getting a motorcycle and re-living his WILD and BAD ASS BIKER YOUTH.

I’m gonna try and get him on my bike on a quiet side road to refresh his memory.  Sitting on the bike was as far as he would venture that day.


Later in the day Jean & Skip took me into ‘Town’ to see the sights.  Update on that in my next Blog.


  1. I'm always jealous!! Glad you're having a great winter in the south.....


  2. I've only been to Borrego Springs once to visit a friend who has a house there, in fact, two houses. She's rich. LOL :) I've never been there to boondock, but have been thinking about it, so I'm glad you're posting about your visit. I may travel up there when I leave Hot Springs or San Diego in early 2014.

    Have Fun!!! :)

  3. We've never been to Borrego Springs. How close are you to the closest little town? I didn't see anything anywhere in those pictures. We've talked about going but that's as far as we've gotten.

    1. Jeri, The little (and I mean LITTLE) town of Borrego Springs is 7 miles from where we are boondocking.

  4. Hope one of you blogs about meeting up with our friends Tom and Dianne.

    We are going to Borrego Springs after Yuma.

  5. Never have made it there either. No water for fishing you know.

  6. Glad you are all warmed up and enjoying life. Have fun with Jean and Skip.

  7. Another really great thing about"Borrego Springs" is in aint in Arizona., I Have my own personal boycott going against AZ until their political attitude changes. I will drive on their free roads and use their free services but I wont contribute one red cent to their economy as long as they labor under the delusional political ideology changes. Just to much nice country in CA and NM That I can feel good about laying my 2 cents on the counter.

  8. Hey won't be getting any sympathy from me regarding cold weather lol !! We're sitting in -20 (-30 with the windchill)! OH, but we do have lots of that Alberta Blue Sky! Suck it up buttercup! Your loving cousin Marilyn xoxo