Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Last February I was strolling into a Restaurant and who do I see but an old friend from waaaayyy back in the 70’s.  I blogged about it HERE.

I saw them a couple of times during that time and several times last Summer while I was in B.C.  Turns out where they park their RV was only a few minutes away from the RV Park where I was staying.

And of course we’re all here in Quartzsite again this year – but this year we actually knew it because we’ve stayed in touch.

So Rita and her friend Pat dropped by the other day for a visit.  Always enjoy spending time with these Folks and catching up.


After a lovely visit off they go…


Next job to tackle was that broken arm (Skip said it is called a strut ??) on a compartment door.  First thing I had to do was take off the bracket, that was severely bent, and try to straighten it.


I did a reasonably good job at that.





So next I tried to put the ‘arm’ part back onto the bracket.  I was told you just squeeze it on.  OK, So that DIDN’T work.


Well this is what it looked like after I tried squeezing it onto the bracket.  RUINED !!


I went into Gamblers RV today to see if I could get a new part. All they had was the full arm – yes with the proper end on – for $10.00. $10.00 !!!! I don’t need the whole frikkin’ arm – just the wee end part. Jeeze, I’d rather put that $$ towards another wee piece of CHROME for the bike.

Turns out you are supposed to get a very small flat head screw driver and lift up on one of these tabs and that ‘opens’ the two little metal thingies allowing you to put it back on the ‘ball’ part of the bracket.


He did show me how to ‘open’ it and even GAVE ME the the proper tool to use. 


Using a teenie weenie flat head screwdriver opens this and allows you to pop it over the ball on the bracket.



And then through ‘da jigs and ‘da reels (as we say in Newfie) he removed just the part I needed from the whole arm/strut and asked for my old one.  He then put that on the arm and GAVE ME the new one.  Oh how we like FREE.

So that little job will be completed tomorrow ----- I hope !!

BARBARA & KATIE visit most days and every time Miss Katie wants to go in my rig.  Turns out she wants to STEAL Bennie’s chews.  So I gave her one – Bennie always has LOTS on hand.

WELL, she wasn’t gonna let go of that for nothing !!


Barbara said she held it in her mouth the whole way home.


She looks very pleased with herself don’t you think.  But that little face looks like it’s saying “Don’t mess with my chew bone !!”


  1. Katie is a sweetheart. Met her at the Hot Springs last winter. The guy from the RV parts store is smart. Look what he got from you for very little money; FREE ADVERTISING!!

  2. Just think of it this way - you are learning so much with all the repairs you have to make. That Katie is a cutie and I sure wouldn't want to mess with that chew. Bennie is a sweetheart to be willing to share. It's windy here today - how you guys are doing good.

  3. You are a real pro at RV repairs for sure. Hopefully, you'll be able to put your tools away soon and play more than work.

  4. Doug thinks the guys at Gamblers are rip-off artists. Maybe not in November but definitely in January.