Sunday, November 3, 2013


Who woulda ‘thunk it ??  Not me that’s for sure !!  I didn’t think I’d make it to Clarenville !!!

The first (mis) adventure was not 40 minutes from home when I heard this crashing and banging on the roof.  Naturally it was windy and raining but regardless I had to climb up on the roof to find that two (of the four) bolts that hold the vent cover had come off.

Up and down the ladder several times getting the right tools to remove it completely – with the rain pouring down – the wind rocking the rig – the traffic flying by further rocking the rig.

Yup, That’s how this wonderful lifestyle of fulltime RV’ing started. And there’s been many (mis) adventures since !! Crying face

In a recent e-mail, BARBARA said it best – "If we knew what we didn't know when we started this" Well I for one likely would have just crawled back in bed !!  LOL

So here’s the stats for the last three years:


I have spent a total of $20,583.13 – I only keep track of the RV gas – not the bike gas.  That is an average of $571.75 per month.  So I’m not unhappy with that number, however, my goal is to get it to an average of $500.00 per month.

This is a nice improvement over YEAR ONE.  It appears I didn’t do an Expense Report at YEAR TWO but did do one at 26 MONTHS.  Yup, Definitely improving.



I have spent a total of $9,741.39. That is an average of $270.59.  Under the ‘Campground Fees’ category I include any costs associated with water/dump while I’m boondocking AND the cost of my Solar.  Naturally I’m very pleased with that number.

These are the two main costs of living in an RV fulltime.  I equate them to rent/mortgage payments; property taxes; house repairs etc. etc.

I wanted the total of these two main expenses to not exceed $1,000 per month and as you can see at an average of $842.34 I’m way under.  So while my average monthly gas expense is a little higher than I’d like, it is offset by the lower ‘Campground Fee’s’ number.


I have spent a total of $1,577.62 in propane.  This is an average of $43.82 per month.  Can’t beat that.


I have spent a total of $480.48 in laundry costs.  That is an average of $13.35 per month

Naturally there are other costs – Internet access being just one.  However, whether you’re on the road or not you would have these costs so I don’t keep track of those seperately.

It recently occurred to me that I should be keeping track also of my repairs/maintenance costs to the rig which I have not being doing seperately.  I do have all these records and will now add that category to my spreadsheet.

For me, each year gets a little harder as existing medical problems get a little worse and new medical problems raise their ugly heads.  But there are people out there full timing with far worse situations than I’m in so I’m not complaining.

And I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.  Soon enough I won’t be able to do this so while I can I’m loving it.

The experiences you have – the people you meet = PRICELESS !!



  1. D.......good for you......enjoyed the cartoons with your expense report.


  2. Congratulations - you're 7 months ahead of me. Your expenses aren't bad. If you didn't have to travel down from Canada your gas prices would be pretty good, too. I was thinking your propane costs seemed a little high, then I remembered how happy I was not to be paying San Diego Gas and Electric Co. every month. Yup, I don't know what my average is, but it's a fraction of what it used to cost me in my condo. How quickly we forget! :) Love the cartoons.

    May year FOUR be the best so far!!!

    1. Barbara, Propane = Heat and remember I have to travel NORTH early in the Spring and stay there until later in the Fall = COLD.

  3. Good breakdown on your costs these past three years. Health is the most important aspect of your lifestyle so we wish you improved health.....for many, many years to come. We also believe the gremlins that have plagued you in the recent past are long gone.

    All the best.

  4. I do a lousy job of keeping track of expenses. Especially when the medical goes out of sight or the repairs and maintenance leave us gasping. So I truly don't have any idea what we've spent except that I know how much comes in and how much goes out. I love my RV.

    1. Sandie, It's gotta be the X-Banker in me !! You wouldn't want to see all the spreadsheets I have going !! LOL

  5. I used to keep track of campground fees but instead now I just keep track of where we've stayed. Interesting stats. I'm thinking I probably really don't want to know what we've spent. It might scare me.

  6. I think $ 842.00 average is pretty good, the trip to Nfld really messes up your gas costs if only there were more boon docking spots in Canada

  7. "the experiences you have + the people you meet = priceless" you got that right. All the $ figures are scary but we wouldn't change it for nothing.

  8. Congrats Sassy! I've enjoyed reading of your adventures--even the misadventures :)

    ~~ See & crew

  9. I thought Dave was keeping track of my expenses last year but he blended them in with his apartment expenses so I'm keeping my own records this year then sending him the reports. I'm not usually a nickel and dime person but I have a need to know how much this traveling without Dave costs. Now I have your report to compare with to help me see how I'm doing. Thanks for that.