Monday, November 4, 2013


It took me several days to get settled here this time.  That’s mainly because it took so long to sanitize my fresh water tank. 

That involved filling the tank and then emptying it several times.  No point in settling in anywhere until that was done.  It will be interesting to see how the water pump screen looks now the next time I check it.

See the van here.  He’s the “Dump Police” !!  Yup, his job is to sit there all day to make sure nobody is using the facilities here at La Posa South without purchasing the Permit.  Certainly not something “I” would ever even think about doing !! Devil


One of the three times I re-filled the fresh water tank.


Finally I’m ready to find a spot to settle into for awhile.  I was quite undecided where I wanted to be but eventually decided to park near where BARBARA was.

I stopped for a minute to say Hello and she took this picture of my rig as I was pulling away.  See my damaged compartment door !! Crying face

Denise and Bennie off to find a site

Yup, Looks like this is going to be ‘home’ for awhile.

I had to wait until the sun went down to raise my solar panels because it was too HOT before that to be up on the roof.  While on the roof I took this short video of my surroundings. The quality isn’t very good this time because I must have zoomed in too much.  PLUS I wanted to get a 360 so I was slowly turning around UP ON THE ROOF !!

Ahhhhh, another beautiful sunset.



This guys got some serious solar happening over there.  In addition to the FIVE panels you can see in front I saw at least THREE more behind those.




Barbara and Katie came by to chat and soon afterwards our neighbour shouted “Coyote !!”.  Barbara yells back “Where ?”.

Can you see it ?


How about here ??


Seeing as she was here I decided to put her to work helping me with the ramps to get the bike out. Those ramps seem to be getting heavier each year.


Thanks for the help Barbara !!


  1. You are lucky to be at Q already. Enjoy it!

  2. Soooo looking forward to Q! Love the desert.

  3. Nice cozy spot in the greenery. We always look for greenery to park next to or under. Saw the Coyote towards left side bottom of the photo. We used to park about 6 miles south of Q & I always enjoyed looking over at the beautiful Kofa mountains to the southeast.

  4. We'll be there eventually. If we didn't have so many things on our calendar and need a dog sitter, we'd be on our way someplace now. However, we do need someone to watch Duchess while we visit grandkids.

  5. Really enjoyed your video--a good orientation to the area. My husband & I will down there in 3 years once I retire--we can't wait. Enjoy those gorgeous sunsets & random coyote sightings!

  6. Really enjoyed your video--a good orientation to the area. My husband & I will down there in 3 years once I retire--we can't wait. Enjoy those gorgeous sunsets & random coyote sightings!

  7. Sure hope that screen is clean the next time you check it. That van police has got to be the most boring job ever. Keep a close eye on Bennie - seems to be lots of coyotes wandering around out there.

  8. Really enjoyed your video, the sunset was awesome, can hardly wait until January when we are able to leave Canada and get down where those beautiful sunset are and blue blue skyes

  9. Whee, I'm dizzy. Looks like you aren't far from last year's spot.

  10. One would expect that your sanitization process should work. Hoping for the best on that front. Settled in is a good thing now!!!

  11. Sassy, glad you're getting settled for another winter in the Q desert!! Nice surroundings and I'm sure it will get bussier as you mentioned earlier. Take care and keep posting.....


  12. You're welcome, I enjoyed helping. It was interesting seeing how you've got things organized for getting the bike in and out of the rig. Quite a nice set up.

    Those coyotes sure do make me nervous. When Katie and I walk in the morning and evening, my head is in "swivel" mode. Constantly looking around for them. I'm glad you're settled in and can relax for a while. It's getting more crowded every day, isn't it?

  13. Bet you are glad to have full water flow for that sanitizing. I left my filter off for one fill where I trusted the water and couldn't believe how fast my tank filled to overflowing! Good thing it had been raining so no one else noticed my overflow.