Sunday, November 17, 2013


You just never know what you’re going to see when you look out the window.  What on earth is she up to now !!??  And on the roof no less.

Well you’ll just have to check out BARBARA'S BLOG to see what she was up to that day.


It continues to amuse me (yes, I get amused very easily Rolling on the floor laughing)when I see the various ways people bring their portable waste tanks to the dump station.  Using their ATV’s is the most popular but one year I saw someone on a motorcycle towing the tank.

Wonder if I should start doing that ???  N O T !!


I was at the Grocery Store the other day and saw this VW.  Check out the ‘bullet holes’.


The Owner even got a mini version on his dash.



Jeeze,  Didn’t I just do laundry ?  Why can’t they make disposable clothes ??  So while I’m at it I might as well bring my drinking water jugs to fill and the garbage to dispose of.  Who needs a car !  PFFFTTT !!


What I didn’t know was that Barbara – who never has her camera out of her hand – took this shot of me leaving.

Perhaps it’s just the angle of the pic but does the bike look humungous and me ….. well not so humungous ???


And there she was with the camera again as I returned home.


I noticed a HUGE Class A RV pulling in yesterday with a custom ‘flames’ paint job – pulling an equally HUGE trailer.  I don’t know if it was exactly like this one that I just got off the Internet but it was close..


It’s not for me but hey it’s only paint.

So today I’m over at the water spot filling a large container and I get chatting with this woman.  Well actually she came over to me when she saw my bike.

Turns out they are the Owners of the rig.  They tow a 20 FOOT trailer which houses their two ATV’s and of course their Harley.

They stopped by later for a visit.


I now have three new neighbours – the desert is sooooo small they couldn’t find another spot but right across from me.

You will notice their first order of priority – get those satellite dishes up so they can watch their TV.


And you likely guessed it – their next order of business was get those generators running !!!


It’s only been a few days but already I’m tired of listening to the constant drone of the generators – day and night, so I’ve decided to move on. 

Figure I’ll head into Yuma for a couple of weeks.  Not sure yet where I’m gonna perch.  Either Pilot Knob or Imperial Dam as I purchased the Permit this year. Or I might even pull into the VFW which is my least favourite spot.  But it’s the most convenient in terms of running into Town to get things done.

And this is what Bennie has to say about it all….



  1. We've been chased out of our Quartzsite spots more than once by people coming in too close & firing up their generators, loud music, loud voices, ATV's, dirt bikes, etc. etc. I remember one group circled their RV's & each morning about 8 a.m they blasted the Star Spangled Banner through some kind of a big sound system. Two days of this & we were gone right quick...............I see Jean & Skip have moved on down to Ogilbe Road.

  2. You and Barbara crack me up. Don't blame you for leaving the noisy neighborhood though. What's wrong with people? BTW, I answered the question you posed on my last blog post.

  3. You and Bennie will sure be missed. When we got back from town this afternoon, you were gone. I said to Katie, "Bennie is all gone," and she looked over to your site. :(

    I have to say, Bennie is the cutest dog around. He has such a wonderful personality, too. Have fun down south - we'll see you again.... :)

    1. Dogs are mirroring the mentality of their owners. You ever seen an aggressive dog you also will find its owner to be aggressive. It never fails!

  4. Why oh why do "they' have to park so close to us who appreciate the peace and beauty of nature?

  5. RVs with loud and steady running generators and people watching TV all day is the worst kind of neighbour I can think of. But don't expect it to be any different in Yuma. Why would it?

  6. Oh, and that flamed Class A I saw there last year as well.

  7. Seems odd that they feel the need to pull in next to people they don't know when the space is so large. Hopefully you'll find quiet in the next spot!

  8. Hey Denise, just checking to see where you are located these days! We have snow, snow and more snow! I am sure you are not missing any of it! All is well back here and looks like you have really settled into the RV life. Maybe we'll get to AZ this winter, if so, we'll be sure to look you up, take care and safe travels :)

  9. Like that VW.
    Wonder if they are real bullet holes.