Saturday, November 2, 2013


I left my boondocking spot in Overton, NV last Wednesday with getting a new generator cover and sanitizing my fresh water tanks on my mind.

Said “see ya” to JEAN & SKIP and I know I’ll be seeing these great Folks again over the Winter months.

First stop was at the ONAN place in North Las Vegas to get my new generator cover.


Sure glad that’s off my mind.  Losing that cover had to have been “user error” in that I must not have put it back on securely enough the last time I had taken it off.  That’s the only thing I can come up with ??

First thing I did though when I stopped was check to make sure it was still there – LOL.  I expect I’ll be doing that for awhile.

I knew I was only going to drive about 80 or so Miles to the Railroad Pass Casino in Henderson.  I got an e-mail from JERI so we arranged to meet for dinner.  Turns out they were settled in an RV Park only about 10 Miles away.

It was sooooo great seeing these guys again. We went into the Casino and enjoyed their buffet.


The waitress took this picture hence the blurry quality.


Then Jeri was off to the slot machines.  Jeeze, she was like a rabbit bouncing around from machine to machine.  She started off with $10.00 and when she was up to $25.00 I said CASH IN !!  She didn’t and look what she left with !!

I was more excited than she was.


I played Blackjack for awhile starting with $5.00.  When I was DOWN by .85 cents I got outta there.  Yup, a big time gambler I am.

The next day I finished my final leg of my Southern journey.  Arrived in Quartzsite to a perfect 73F/ – although the next three days are back in the low 80’s and then it’s back down to those perfect 70’s again.

Actually there are more rigs here than I expected being so early in the Season.  Nothing like January of course but still.


You can pay $180 and be able to stay at any of the LTVA’s for the entire season.  I’ve not done that in previous years because

a) Financially it wasn’t worth it for me

b) I don’t like to stay in one spot more than a few weeks

c) The areas where I do stay are either not restricted by the ‘two week’ rule or if they are, nobody comes around to enforce it.

There actually are not a lot of LTVA’s in the area and even fewer with dump/water facilities.  So I guess we’ll see if I will regret doing this.

Last year I thought about doing it.  Actually I tortured myself going back and forth with “Yes I will” and “No, I won’t.”

This year I said JUST DO IT.  And I did so that way now it’s off my mind and the money will be forgotten in no time.

First order of business today is to do the tanks and in particular to sanitize my fresh water tank.  That involves running bleach through it and filling and draining several times.

Once that’s done I will find my spot and settle down here for a couple of weeks.

My first, for this season, Quartzsite sunset.



  1. Jeri always wins. We break even at least.

  2. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    I don't think you'll regret paying for the season pass. And having the free water anytime you want it makes it easier to clean out your tanks this year. I like not having to worry about where I'm going to get fresh water or dump. It's so easy with the permit. Now you can figure out if it works for you so from now on, you'll know.

    Enjoy the desert! :)

  3. Welcome to Arizona. Love being back in the land of sunsets.

  4. Yep, doesn't sound like you'll regret paying the $180. Keep us posted.

  5. Were glad to see that you made it there, we have been following you since you left BC.Sorry about all the bad stuff that happen to you,we will be going as soon as Frederick gets better...
    hopefully will see you there soon

    1. Richard, Funny I was just thinking about you guys last night and wondering if you'd make it South this year. Keep me posted.

  6. So you did do it. Now keep track of the nights you stay and you'll know whether it was a good deal or not so much. The convenience has to be worth something. It was great seeing you again and we'll catch up when we get to "Q".