Friday, November 8, 2013


I don’t know what it is about this quirky little town but I sure like it here.  There are no big box stores here but it has everything you need.

If you want your Wally fix, then all you have to do is drive to Parker, which is only about 35 miles away.  Parker has a huge Super Wal-Mart.

Perhaps it’s the fact that you are surrounded by like minded people – all RV’ers, many of them full timers like myself.  And maybe it’s also because I love the desert.

Sure glad I’m taking my time getting to Yuma though – my favourite spot to spend the Winter months.

Q is plenty warm enough for me right now and Yuma is still showing in the high 80’s – too HOT for me.  Although here in Q it is cool at night – need my heater on and down right COLD in the mornings – need the furnace on for a few minutes and then my Mr. Heater does a great job keeping things warm.

But it doesn’t take long to warm up the rig once I open the curtains and let that gorgeous Arizona sun come streaming in.

Off to do some laundry….


I would incur the expense and stress of towing a car…..WHY ??  Now I will admit there have been a few times where having a car would have been more convenient but not enough to warrant the expense of owning a car and the stress of towing.  And honestly in the three full years I’ve been doing this I have not missed not having a car.

Ah heck, might as well fill my drinking water jugs while I’m at it.

03Drinking water is very expensive here in Q Winking smile At .25 cents a gallon or 5 gallons for $1.00 !!  In Yuma, you can get 5 gallons of drinking water for .50 cents !!

I always check out K & B.  They have EVERYTHING RV related – well not the big ticket items.  I sure have gotten a lot of stuff there over the years.  This is the kinda place where you will see something that you didn’t know you wanted or needed but suddenly MUST have it.


JEAN & SKIP arrived the other day.  They are staying in the 14 Day area over at Dome Rock.  I’ve never been there before so must take a ride over and check it out.

They stopped by yesterday to visit and despite the fact that I locked my doors and tried to hide they still found me !!  Winking smileWinking smile

We had a great visit and I look forward to seeing more of them.  We also then visited with BARBARA.  Jean, like me, has been following Barbara’s Blog since before she even got on the road but this was the first time they met in person.

Jean & Skip have one of those 4 x4 Tracker Jeeps and I’ve asked them to come over one day to take me around the desert.  Something I can’t do on the bike and the desert is W AAAA Y too big to walk.

I did that with Jeri LAST YEAR and it was a blast.

I love going around seeing all the different rigs and set-ups.  I said we’ll do a “Thelma & Louise” – minus the driving off the cliff part. This time we’ll have Brad Pitt (Skip) with us.

Barbara is parked not too far from me and we have a little visit each day.  I’m really enjoying getting to know her better.  We are discovering we are quite alike when it comes to RV’ing in general, boondocking, ways to keep our expenses down etc. etc.




  1. The perfect life. I think it's being surrounded by like minded folks that makes all the difference in the world.

  2. Having people around that speak the same language makes it so much easier. Glad you are making good friends with Barbara.

  3. I understand exactly what you're saying. I like "Q" too. If I had my choice ...... I'd be there with you!!

  4. Skip says he's no Brad Pitt and he's not coming when we play Thelma and Louise.

  5. Oh Denise, that sounds wonderful. You are enjoying it thoroughly and that's what we all should do at all times!

  6. Sounds like fun. Would love to be there with you and Barbara and Bennie and Katie. Of course, I'm loving the mountains right now.

  7. I was thinking about it this morning, and this is the third year we've known each other. I'm really enjoying our visits - if you want a third, let me know when you and Jean take your drive. I'd love to come along, too! :)

  8. Though I often get myself into trouble when I look at tools, I'd still like to find K&B's tent when we are there in January. Thanks for the idea.

  9. Howdy Sassy,
    Have you ever heard of 'hill-climbin' or 'flare-races'?? Well you CAN do them on DRESSER/CRUISER BIKES, if you WANT TO !!!
    Just be sure you're with someone as crazy as you...
    We did it in the 50s, using 6.00X16 AUTOMOBILE tires on the back of our HARLEYS !!!

    Friend-girl, that bike'll do a whole lot more than ride on pavement !!!

    Hope y'all have bike-ridin' HAPPY DAY !!! BIKIN' IS LIFE !!!