Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So I’m sitting outside IN THE SHADE because it’s too HOT to be sitting in the Sun and I see Barbara on her roof !!  By the time I run inside to get my camera she is already climbing down.  No idea what she was doing up there.


See her climbing down the ladder ?


Next time I look over she out cleaning her windows.  Can you see her ?


No ?  Can you see her now ??


YES, Something else to deal with !!  Look at the rubber that has come out of its track.


The same thing happened to the front door shortly after I got the rig.  But thankfully (with the front door) once it was put back in place it hasn’t come out again since.

Jean & Skip came over for a visit and Skip made quick work of fixing it.


I got Jean & Skip hooked on “Scandal” – WOW, what a great TV Show – and watching it via their computer.  I had originally gave them my cable thingie that hooks into the computer and the other end into the TV so that whatever is on your computer now shows on the TV.

Unfortunately that didn’t work for them because their TV didn’t have the right HDMI slot.  So they gave it back to me.


They have been watching the TV Show directly from their computer but I got to thinking (not always a good thing !!) that I should lend them one of my TV’s.  After all, my rig came with FOUR TV’s and I don’t turn one of them on – ever !


But before I did that I wanted to make sure the HDMI ends matched.  And wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t with my new Dell computer.  So I hauled out my old HP Computer and VOILA I got it all going.


So when they came by to visit Skip took off the ‘outdoor’ TV from the bracket and now they will get to enjoy the show on something a little larger than their computer screen.


I tell ya – there’s just no end to the EXCITEMENT here in the desert.

Another day “Thelma & Brad” arrive to take me barrelling through the desert.


That adventure will have to wait for another post.

In the meantime, I have a million dollar view – for FREE – AND no maintenance !!


And Bennie likes it too…



  1. Watch out.... all that cleaning and the she will make all the other neighbors look bad!! Love her!! I sure like it when I can make the teckie stuff work!!

  2. I just wrote a long comment and lost it?!? Anyway, I was thanking you for posting photos of me cleaning - it happens so seldom, I appreciate having photos of these events - LOL! This morning I was back up there putting my new Sirius antenna on the roof. Ugly job, I should have used EternaBond tape, but didn't have enough. So I used white duct tape and 2M Sure Lock. A stronger Velcro type thing, works indoors or outdoors. We'll see how that holds up. (Check my next post for the less than professional looking attachment.)

    Yes, you have a million dollar view - too bad that little motor home in the distance is screwing up your pristine view. But at least it's clean!! :)

  3. We'll have to give Scandal a look.

  4. Just remember - she's had more time to acclimate herself to the warm weather than you have. (Sounds good to me anyhow).

  5. Yeah, real Newfoundlander you are......watchin out the window at yer neighbours. LMAO!! Yeah you do have that 1M $$ view, looks real nice.....and by the way, the little rocks is that the boundry of your lot?? Don't park any closer or I'll send my boys after ya!! Glad yer havin fun and remember.....ride safe and enjoy!!


    1. Byron, You know people actually put those rocks out like that to 'identify' their space !!

  6. Replies
    1. Byron, That show is GREAT ! I flew through the first Seasons because I had free and unlimited WiFi.

  7. It'll be interesting how often you plan on undertaking all this work. After all, "Q" is known for many windstorms. There's always more dust to come.