Sunday, November 10, 2013


I had to take a run into Parker the other day to get food for Bennie from the Vet’s.  That’s the only place where I can get his food.

BARBARA is never without her camera and took these shots of me leaving.


What should have been a short run there and back ended up taking FOUR HOURS.  I had written down the address and directions but there were TWO left turns off the main Highway BOTH with the same street name !!  One of these landed me down a dirt road that was a dead end – on an 800 LB Harley I will remind you !!

See Bennie in his carrier ??


Finally I found the address – but it wasn’t there !!  I went up and down the street several times and couldn’t find the place.  I pulled into a gas station and asked and they told me the Animal Clinic WAS just across the street but had moved about 10 YEARS AGO.

Riding out of my boondocking spot through gravel, rocks and sand !!  I’m always soooo relieved when I get to the pavement.


They gave me the directions to where it was now – another 20 miles further up the Highway.  Jeeze, I was almost to Lake Havasu !!

I finally found it and told the woman at the counter what I went through.  She said they have no way of changing it.  The old address comes up when you do a google search of Vets in Parker.

By this time I’m tired, hot and hungry !  So I headed back to Parker to stop at Subway to get something to eat.

I felt something on my wrist while riding.  It was a butterfly caught in the sleeve of my jacket.  Now remember I’m riding a very heavy bike – and not slowly – so little scares like that I sure don’t need.

I gave my wrist a flick and got rid of the butterfly – or so I thought !!

When I arrived at Subway I had to go to the bathroom first.  While I was washing my hands OUT COMES THE BUTTERFLY out of my sleeve.  It flew up and sat on one of the light fixtures. Yes, I got a fright.  I didn’t have my camera with me at the time.

Had my lunch and was curious to see if it was still there.  Got my camera and went back inside to the bathroom.


I flicked a paper towel at it so I could get a better picture.  That is one HUGE butterfly !!



After taking the pictures I left it there – to amuse the next person who comes into that bathroom.


Never a dull moment in Sassy’s world and when I got home (after a LONG rest) I decided to check the oil in the generator.  All is good there but I discovered this !!


Something else that needs fixing !!  I tried to squeeze it back on to the ball thingie but no go.  Where is JIM when I need him !

Next I figured I would check the water pump screen now that I had completely drained and sanitized my fresh water tank.

Still some debris on the screen but NOTHING like it was before.


What I don’t know is – What is normal for this ??  I’m going to put a post on one of the RV Forums and ask the experts.

The water filter is looking good so that pleases me.


Barbara and I – and Bennie & Katie - have our daily little visits.  Nice.



  1. Busy, busy, busy. And people ask us what we DO all day. LOL. Actually I'm pretty much a lazy bum, but that's how I like it. :)

  2. So, why aren't you parked closer to the main road? That way you wouldn't have to travel through all those rocks.

  3. Love seeing my 2 favorite canines on a play date. Good for Barbara for getting the tail end! Screen looks sooooo much better.

  4. He's off hunting in NM. At least now you'll know how to find the vet on the first try next time.

  5. That as a Monarch butterfly, they migrate long distances, perhaps it just wanted to catch a ride.

  6. Several of our group are winding their way down from north of you; perhaps you can place dog food orders to be delivered? :)

  7. Just thinking about your water pump problems. You bought that rig slightly used right? Could it be that the previous owner has filled some really dirty water into that rig? The amount of dirt you have gotten out of the tank indicates that. Normally water, even if not drinking quality is not that dirty.

    1. Peter, Yes, I did buy this rig slightly used. But I'm not inclined to think it was the previous Owner as I think I would have had problems long before now ??

  8. You must reallly love it when some big old bug smooshes against your visor.

  9. BTW, proud of you for handling those rocks!!!