Wednesday, October 23, 2013



I was pretty stressed over the jacks situation and therefore slept fitfully that night and even had a dream that I pressed the button and they worked.

But no such luck in the reality of daylight as I started the rig to see if by some miracle it fixed itself overnight ===== NOT.

So I went hunting around in the papers I got with this rig – which BTW I’ve been through a gazillion times !!!

I FOUND THE MANUAL !!  Still sealed in its plastic wrapping.  The first thing I saw was this little card.


And then there was the actual Manual – which was too full of gooblie goop for me to understand anything.


I am not COMPLETELY useless – I do have a extra fuses on hand and various tester thingies – some of which I actually know how to use !!  LOL


The card said to press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds and it will reset itself.  PLEASE tell me it wasn’t that simple.  IT WAS !!

I did that and VAAAA BOOM the flashing lights went off and I pressed Retract and the jacks came up.  WHEW.

I quickly got myself moved over closer to where Jean and Skip where and on the first try the rig levelled.  I wasn’t about to move anywhere else.

I spent the rest of the day yesterday getting settled in.  Putting out my chairs; mats; awning etc. etc.  I am going to be here for a couple of weeks.  But it was HOT HOT HOT.

At 4:00PM it was 83F/28C.  So I could only do a little bit and then come inside to rest and cool down.  I waited until the sun went down before I got on the roof to raise my solar panels.

This morning I will get the bike out before it gets too HOT again.  After that I expect I will find a good book and sit in the shade.  This heat (in the 80’s) is only going to last another couple of days and then it will be a perfect temperature again.

This guy LIVES in a tent.  How does he shower ?  And more importantly WHERE does he go to the bathroom ??


This is JEAN & SKIP'S rig.  I’m not as close as this picture shows – I zoomed in to get this shot.



So another disaster behind me – wonder what will be next !!??


  1. D......I am happy that this was a simple fix....wishing you the best....



  2. Whee! That was lucky. I worried about you and wondered how they would get fixed. Hope that doesn't happen to us but now we know what to do too!!

  3. Glad you had a simple fix. By the way, 83 degrees is NOT hot. lol

  4. Thank God! It's soooo nice when the fix is so easy. And now you know.

    I agree, 83 is just a beautiful day. Little breeze. Perfect. Unfortunately, it's been really hot here, but we're sweating through. Tomorrow is 89, and then every day gets cooler as through Tuesday. :)

  5. Always the greatest feeling when something actually works & a troublesome problem is finally solved. We spent a couple days at those RV flats a few years ago. Enjoyed Valley Of Fire. Jean & Skip are sure nice folks. First met them in Borrego Springs.

  6. HOT HOT HOT!! Stop your whinin' will ya and send some this way!! Glad yer getting a wee bit closer to your winter spot. Call me some time.......


  7. First of all - the 80's are not HOT. They are WARM. The Hundreds are HOT. So happy it was such an easy (cheap) fix for the jacks.

  8. Guess we're all relieved that you didn't have any more problems with those jack(asses).

  9. I love "hold these until it resets" instructions. Glad you found one of those.