Monday, October 28, 2013


YUP, I definitely got some B AAAAA D water in my fresh water tank.

Since the end of May I have been filling my fresh water tank from the RV Park I stayed at all Summer.  During that entire time I never had any trouble with the water.

The first sign of trouble was on OCTOBER 8, 2013 when I was barely getting a dribble of water coming out of the taps.  Joe quickly identified the problem (clogged screen in the water pump) and rinsed it out.

The second sign of the same trouble was on OCTOBER 20, 2013 – YUP, screen in the water filter was completely clogged again – only 12 days later.

So I put this item on my monthly check list but decided to check it again today – even though there was no indication of any trouble.

This is what it was like – yes, only 7 days later.


The screen is definitely doing its job by keeping all that gunk out of the taps.


BUT I won’t  be satisfied now until I completely drain and sanitize my fresh water tank.


The GOOD NEWS is that I now know the steps to take to detach the hose from the water pump and how to remove the screen.  I’ve been shown part of the process twice but today was the first time doing myself.  EASY PEASY !!

THIS is the screen after I cleaned it.


I will be checking this at least once a week until my tank is sanitize and re-filled with fresh water.  And I will be checking this monthly from here on.

Thankfully, the new water filter I put in on October 20th was still looking good.


Look what I noticed when going to bed last night…


It was just sitting on the door frame – the one that leads from the bedroom to the garage.  Well I can tell ya, it quickly got SQUISHED !!  YUCK !!


  1. That screen is disgusting. What is that junk?

  2. You need to get that tank cleaned as soon as you can. I sure wouldn't want to be drinking that water.

  3. Algae build up. Like if you let a vase with flowers sit too long. Yukky stuff. You need a real clean up and some clorine in the water for a while to kill the source. Not good as drinking water.
    The cricket was surely looking for a warm winter home. At my granny's we had one behind the oven for a whole winter. Never to be seen but always to be heard. :))

  4. I don't even know if I HAVE one of those screens, but now you're scaring me. I DO double filter my water, first going into the tank, and then going from the tank out into the pipes to the faucets. Then I have the third filter in my Brita Pitcher. So I think I'm okay. If nothing else, you should stop at a Wal-Mart or another department store, and get one of those Brita Pitchers, so at least you are filtering your drinking water another time. It's also absolutely delicious really cold from the fridge, and no more plastic bottled water. We don't want you getting sick this year!!! Or Bennie either. :)

    1. Barbara, I've become an EXPERT now on the water pump and taking it apart and checking the screen. When I get to Q I'll check yours.

  5. I hope you don't actually drink out of your tap!! I think in the future I'd make sure I had lots of bottled water.