Saturday, October 26, 2013


I set out for a short ride the other day doing a loop from here across 169; North on I-15 to back here.  It was only about 65 Miles/104KMS so I packed a lunch and off Bennie and I went.  I knew I had to get on the road fairly early (10:00AM is EARLY for me) in order to be back before it got too stinky HOT.

I hadn’t planned on ‘doing’ the Valley of Fire – I was going to wait for another day for that.  There is a day use entrance fee of $10.00 to get in there so I wanted to make sure I could spend some time there – being ‘da cheap old sock that I am.

Even this sign didn’t clue me in that I was IN the Valley of Fire.  Yes, I know, sometimes I also wonder how on earth I manage to get myself out of bed and dressed !!  LOL


It was a GORGEOUS run with lots of twisties in the road.


And even when I passed the Self-Pay station that didn’t clue me in.


You will notice the amazing blue sky.


To see the actual beauty that is the Valley of Fire you have to take one of the many off roads which I didn’t take because I wasted ‘doing’ the VOF that day.

It wasn’t until the end where there was an attended booth and a huge STOP sign that I figured it out.  I told the Attendant that I was just going for a little ride but he wasn’t buying it and I had to cough up my $10.00.

Found a little park in Overton where Bennie & I stopped for lunch.





After he sniffed and lifted his leg on everything in sight he settled in on the nice cool grass.


The temperature continues to be in the mid 80’s here but very comfortable at night.  Looks like we have a few more days of the 80’s and then it is going down to the more manageable 70’s.

Quartzsite and Yuma continue to be in the HIGH 80’s and even 90’s as I’m in no rush to get to those temps.  I am quite liking it here and find it very peaceful.

BTW, The Verizon signal here is fantastic – 5 full bars.


  1. Valley of Fire is gorgeous. We've been through it a couple of times and since we're at the other end of Lake Mead from you, we might eventually wander up that way a bit and check it out one more time.

    1. Jeri, Let me know if/when you're coming this way.

  2. Beautiful! When I mentioned it to Peter he said: "We gonna see that this year too, I hope so, probably."
    What do you think?
    There is a light in the tunnel? Hope?
    I hope it is not the train commin.....

    1. I dunno Bea - you gotta git on 'da road first !!! LOL

  3. Hell, we drove into Valley of Fire, didn't pay, filled up with water and left!!

  4. Too funny! Can't wait to see it for myself.