Saturday, October 12, 2013


This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving long week-end and the Park is full !!  With the exception of the two long weekends over the Summer, it hasn’t been this full all Summer.  What are all these people doing here !!

The word is obviously spreading about HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT and in particular about the new management – namely Joe & Tara.  They go the extra mile and have made my time here so pleasant.

I always thought the Labour Day Weekend was the last HOOP-LA for campers.  Obviously here on the West Coast, with its milder climate, it’s this weekend.  Lots of people outside sitting around their campfires – too cold at night for this WOOSE though.  LOL

Getting all the things from my “TO DO” list slowly checked off.  The most important of which was my FLU SHOT.  Got that done.

The next MOST IMPORTANT thing was stocking up on Tetley T-Bags.  I do like my cuppa tea and you can’t find Tetley in Arizona.  Last year I had to get Jamie & Mudder to bring down a couple of boxes for me.  I now have 3 boxes of them – each box containing 216 T-Bags.  Yup, Think I’m set !!

I had to go hunt out my U.S. Cell Phone and my U.S Internet MiFi thingie and make sure they were fully charged up.

Yesterday, Joe & Tara came by bearing a present for me !!  I was quite surprised and very humbled.


Tara was concerned that perhaps I would like it – but when I saw the packaging I KNEW whatever it was I would LOVE it !!


Joe has one of these thermometers on this bike and I commented on it several months ago.  That young feller didn’t forget !!

AND SUPER-JOE even put it on the bike for me right away.  And NO the temperature was NOT almost 30C.


Looks sharp !


Yesterday I decided to get the bike loaded, despite the fact that the next several days are supposed to be warm and sunny.  But I don’t figure I’ll be riding anymore in the next days and it is one more thing done.

Joe was interested in my ramp set-up so I gave him the honour of loading the bike for me.  I think he was a bit nervous but you know what MEN are like – he would never admit to that !!  LOL

Here’s my girl all tucked away now for awhile.  I figure it will be a few weeks before I stop anywhere long enough to take her out.


Later today the regulars here are having a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Pot-Luck Dinner.  I’m really looking forward to that as I’ve gotten to know these Folks over the Summer and will definitely be sad to leave.

So other than the last minute things like Laundry and doing the tanks – which will be done on Monday – I’M READY TO GO !!

I just checked the long range forecast for this area.  From now right through to next Saturday there is not a drop of rain forecasted and the temperatures are going to be in the mid to high teens (C) – that’s 59F – 68F.  Not bad for the middle of October. Go figure !!


  1. What a thoughtful gift! You better head south before that needle does.

  2. We're having similar daytime temperatures here in Minnesota. It's the nighttime ones that are starting to drop enough to worry me a bit. I hope I get moving before it actually freezes.

  3. Very smooth, Joe, very smooth!

    That thermometer will be nice to have here in Q, for sure. The temps are so changeable.

    Nice that you'll have good weather to start your drive down.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Eat some turkey and dressing for me - sounds so good. :)

  4. Way to go! As for us, we have no plans to go early this year. My guess is rather later than sooner. That way we can stay longer south come spring. It's still cool here in early April.

  5. What a great gift!! Three more days and you will be headed south and right now there's lots of warm weather in that direction. We just haven't found it yet.

  6. Come on down. The weather is just about perfect. In the 80's during the day and cooling down for good sleeping at night. Love your new gift. The card is so cute. Do you plan on going back there next summer?