Sunday, October 20, 2013



Remember yesterday’s post where I said I was going to drive either 72 Miles or 264 Miles.  Well I knocked of a WHOPPING 351 Miles today !!

The ‘bad’ started last night when I went to take a shower.  Barely a dribble of water coming out and the water pump was VERY loud.  I have plenty of water in my fresh water tank.

I had planned on replacing the water pump once I got to Arizona as I figured I had ruined it by having it on for hours when filling my fresh water tank during the last two years !!!!!  I explained my ignorance HERE in this post.

If this water problem sounds familiar to some of you it is because the same thing happened just recently and Joe had just cleaned the screen on OCTOBER 8TH Therefore, I was certain that I had destroyed the proper functioning of the pump. 

So last night I looked up where the closest Camping World was and it was only 30 Miles down the road. Wonderful !!!

I was on the road by 8:15AM and when leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot the exit I took to get on the Street (well there were numerous different ways) was one of those tiny right turn only curves that really only a car could safely maneuver.

But I was into it already and it was too late to back up.  I tried to avoid going over the curb but with 40’ of length that was not possible.  The passenger side rear wheel did go over it and I very slowly edged my way off it.

On to Camping World !!!  When I pulled in there and got out of my rig this is what I saw:



Now the BIG *F* just might have escaped my sweet and oh so pure lips !!  That same compartment door got the most damage and was replaced in the DITCH INCIDENT.  What is it with that side !!??  I certainly won’t be getting this fixed anytime soon.

I arrived at Camping World to be told their Service Department is CLOSED on Saturdays !!  But the guy said he did have a Technician who could put in a new water pump – if that was only the extent of the problem.


They sure don’t make these areas easy to access and work on do they !!

Look at the water pump screen just 11 days later….It was completely clogged up.


He also took a look at the water filter that was just replaced on  SEPTEMBER 12TH by Joe.  It’s supposed to be white – look at it now…


The technician said I got some really bad water being put into the tank – yet I’ve been filling the tank since the end of May at the RV Park – where I was told the water is good – very good – so much so that you can drink it ??  I’m puzzled.

The Technician was very good though and he showed me how to take off the part to get to this screen and that is something I sure will be doing regularly from now on.

$210 poorer ($99 of which was labour), I was back on the road by 10:30AM and uncertain about how long I would drive today.

It felt like all I did today was CLIMB – CLIMB – CLIMB !!  I did see an elevation of 6,950’ at one point.  I took several rest stops and continued driving figuring I’d be able to reach Cedar City, UT.

This is definitely NOT a route to take later in the year.

Some might think those Mountains and particularly the snow on them is pretty.  I might even agree if they were MUCH MUCH farther away from me.  Being this close to them equals COLD !!


I was going to pull into Wally’s in Cedar City, however, during my many rest stops I would check to see how many more miles I had to drive PLUS the temperatures up ahead.

Cedar City, while gorgeous during the day, was going down to an over-night low of 28F/-2C.  If I could trudge on just another 45 minutes it was much, much warmer.

It was only after Cedar City, UT did I finally begin to descend.  I saw 6,000’ – then 5,000’ – then 4,000’ – and finally 3,000’ which is the elevation of Washington, UT.

Finally arrived in Washington, Utah at 5:30PM to beautiful sunshine and a perfect 74F/23C – but I sure was one tired old gal !!

I think I’m FINALLY out of the COLD.  Right now (8:00AM) it is already 49F/9.4C – and it’s going to a High of 79F/26C.  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about !!!!

Today is definitely going to be a slow and leisurely day as I’m now only about 80+ Miles from where I plan to stop for a week or two – and it’s WARM !!

Hey, maybe I’ll even clean that windshield today !!




  1. Ouch..... you need some rubber padding on that passenger side rear area.
    On the water clogging, it sounds like you ought to completely drain your tank and start with a fresh supply.

  2. I would agree with Jim. If you have not already do so, drain your fresh water tank and flush it out once or twice (when you have water access, that is).

    Sheesh......those tight turns do cause annoying - and costly - issues, don't they. Wishing you a smooth road going forward.

  3. D...sorry to see you have some should be easy to get it back into position....
    Take Care


  4. Oh, I've had my share of scrapes when we had the motorhome. Just sickening. If you *live* in it, I suppose it's like breaking a window in your house or something. Maybe? Does that help?
    Probably not.
    As long as you're OK, meh, that's all that matters.

  5. Bummer about the damage. I have a feeling it doesn't look as bad in person. Glad you are almost to warm temps.

  6. Oh my...couldn't believe what I saw. Again and the same door! You should be getting a spare or two.

  7. Yep, know about ripping bin doors up alright. A pine tree all but took one of ours off a few years back. Not nice:(( Better days ahead in the warmer weather:))

  8. The screen filter catches most of the larger impurities and sediment in the water. Your paper filter is then mounted afterwards where it then it removes the smaller minerals. Paper filters do change colours the minute they become wet. In other words the clog was at the screen where the water could not get through and there is nothing wrong with the water in your fresh water tank.

    Learning simple maintenance procedures like changing filters on a regular basis will save you lots of cash. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. So sorry about your rig. Seems to happen to most of us - remember when we dropped the fifth wheel down on the truck? But you're almost to the warmth and then all will be better. Hopefully your water problem is now fixed.

  10. Sassy, it is NEVER TOO LATE to reverse when you know damage is inches away!! I did it in Pittsburg when I saw a sign saying vehicles over 40 feet long not allowed....I got out and got 3 or 4 cars to turn around and I reversed about 200 feet back up the ramp to the street!! Take care and glad yer getting closer to warmer weather.

  11. Oh no! That's definitely the side you hit last year too. I hope this isn't going to be an annual event for you!!! Keep us posted where you're at. We might be heading your way ... well, we might be once we figure out where it is.

  12. I'm so sorry about the door. That's the side my cargo door was on that got creased when I hit the gas station post on my very first trip. Now I make only WIDE turns, and if I can't, I back up or go another way. I'm much shorter than you, so it's much easier for me to get around. I don't know how you do it!

    But you're heading toward warmer weather, and that's a GOOD thing. :)