Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Although technically I only went South for a short distance and now I’ll be going East for a little while.

Despite the fact that I had almost everything done, Monday was a busy day doing the last minute things like laundry, emptying the tanks, filling the fresh water tank etc. etc. etc.

Then this morning morning I dillied and dallied and it was after 1:00PM before I even left the Park.  Lots of good-byes to be said and it was kinda sad.  Also it was difficult to accept that I was heading South when the weather was so gorgeous.

Picture of Tara and I.  I wanted one of the three of us but Joe was in Town running errands.  Ya Right !!!  Pfffftttt  !!  Truth be told he knew I was leaving this morning and being the sookie young feller that he is he probably didn’t want me to see him CRYING ‘cause he was so sad that I was going.


Last puppy play date for Bennie and Mr. Milo.



And finally I’m heading towards the Border.

First order of business was to put TINA on BUST as I drove the gorgeous #7 Route to Mission and then on to Abbotsford to the Border Crossing.

As soon as I start the rig Bennie gets in his bed in front of the passenger seat and that’s where he stays until I stop.



Crossing the Border was a NIGHTMARE !!  They really GRILLED me !!  I don’t know why.  I’ll have to Blog about that another time.

Strange thing is that I’ve read on several Blogs about Canadians recently crossing the Border with a breeze.

Here are the comments made on two Blogs I follow re crossing into the U.S.:

“We crossed the border on October 1st without a problem. In fact, it was so easy, we may never be able to remember it at all.”

“they were friendly asked the usual questions and we were done”

Am I flagged or something ???

Bennie moves around a little…


First stop was Harbor Freight to buy another adaptor to fill my small propane canisters.  I gave the one I had to Gil (the maintenance guy at Harrison River RV Park) as he’s been so good to me for the last months.

I had already googled this location and I was literally driving right by it on my way to the I-5.


Because of my late start I got stuck in this kind of traffic using the I-405S for about two hours.


Didn’t plan my timing very well did I ?  I hit this traffic around 4:00PM.  DUHHHH


I hadn’t decided where I was going to stop for the day.  My choices were Wally’s either in Bellingham, Mount Vernon or Bellevue.  Eventually I decided on Bellevue.

I FINALLY (due to the traffic stop and go) arrived at Wally’s in Bellevue, WA just after 6:00PM only to see numerous very large signs clearly stating NO OVERNIGHT PARKING  !!!

I had checked the ALLSTAYS website and it said O/N WAS allowed.  It was going to get dark soon – what was I going to do ??

I called into the Store and confirmed that NOPE, I cannot stay there O/N due to the Mall rules.  They suggested I try and reach someone at the Mall Office.  I wasn’t going to bother seeing it was so late and didn’t figure I’d be able to reach anyone.

But I did call the number and after listening to Press 1 for this person – Press 2 for that person and on and on – one of the Options was to Press ??? to speak to the Mall Security.  I talked with a nice guy and begged and pleaded with him to let me stay the night and NOT have someone coming knocking at my door at 2 o’clock in the morning.   He agreed.  WHEW !

More adventures tomorrow no doubt !


  1. Well, I'm glad you made it into the states even though it was a hassle. You sure must have begged nicely since he agreed to let you stay at the mall. Safe travels tomorrow.

  2. Turn up that music some more! Glad I had MY volume down. Yikes!
    Don't get me started about our shared border. It's just a mystery.

  3. That doesn't sound like a fun day at all. Now we're all waiting to hear about how you were grilled and the rest of your adventures.

  4. Hi Sassy, Overton would be perfect for you lots of room, warm weather, but not too hot to leave Bennie if you didn't want to take him.

  5. Yeaaaa, you're on your way. Doesn't it feel great? Yes, I'm curious about the border crossing thing, too. Do you think they just have to grill someone every so often? It must get boring to just ask a few questions over and over and over. Maybe you were just the ONE to break the boredom.

    Drive save and have a great trip! :)

  6. We once had a security guard tell it was OK to stay at their casino. But the guy who knocked on our door was a different guy with a different opinion. We told him we'd called ahead then checked in with security when we arrived and received permission from both so he finally agreed to let us stay. Ugh! Glad you got to stay.