Monday, October 21, 2013



It started out great – a relaxing, leisurely morning – no rushing now.

I drove the final 54.4 Miles to my boondocking location in Overton, NV – and that was with getting lost in Mesquite because ‘Bridie’ (you know that SOB) took me no where near the address I punched in for the local Ace Hardware.

And that mileage also included getting lost in Overton (yes, only ME could get lost in a little town of about 2 stop lights) trying to find the Laundromat that Toni told me about where I could fill my fresh water tank.

NOW in my own defence you have to remember that I have to focus on the driving as well as looking for the place I want to find.

As soon as I got off the I-15 I pulled in to have something to eat and saw this sign.


Yup, I do believe I’ll find a riding road or two around here.


I checked out the Overton Wildlife Refuge place where there is FREE camping that TONI & DOUG like so much.  And I can see why.  It only has about 8 sites and each one is nicely separated from the next one by distance and lots of trees and shrubbery.

Before I decided on that place I wanted to check out the other boondocking spot just a few miles up the road.  I much preferred the openness of the second place – just goes to show there’s something out there for everyone and not everyone likes the same things.

I pulled in – put the jacks down – and was just putting out the slide when a knock comes to the door.  It was none other than Jean of TRAVEL WITH JEAN AND SKIP.  I follow their Blog but had not met them before.  I knew they were here but when I saw how big this place is, with boondocking on both sides of the road – I didn’t figure I’d ever see them.  Turns out I pulled in just across the way from where they are settled.

While chatting with Jean I notice that I could be a little farther away from the rig behind me so I decided to move ahead another little bit.  Then I couldn’t get the rig levelled.  I drove around and tried it a few more times – still couldn’t get levelled.  That means each time putting the jacks down and then retracting them.

I thought perhaps if I put some blocks of wood under the front tires that would help.  NOT !!!!


We can’t be having this !!!


So I went to retract the jacks and they now wouldn’t come back up.  The little panel had all these lights flashing.  They are NOT supposed to be flashing.


I even tried the ‘Manual’ button and no luck.  A guy across the way came over to have a look but once verifying that the fuses and breakers hadn’t blow we were at a loss.  He did suggest though that perhaps ‘something’ overheated from me putting the jacks down and then retracting them several times in a row.

That kinda made sense even to me so I ‘let it rest’ for about an hour and tried again.  NADA !

I moseyed over to where Jean & Skip were and they came over to have a look.  Skip did things that men do like looking under the hood etc. while Jean & I had a lovely chat.  But he wasn’t able to figure out either why the jacks wouldn’t retract.  We just had to let it be.

I came back inside and immediately put a post on the RV Website re the problem hoping someone would know what the problem is.  I also sent an e-mail to Newmar.

Nothing more can be done tonight but wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Here is a short video of my new front yard and neighbours for the next week or two or three.

What a beautiful night it is here in Overton, NV – at 10:00PM it is still 15F/15C – will be sleeping with the windows OPEN tonight.


  1. Have you checked the oil level in your oil tank??? If there is no oil, the pump can't work. Happened to us a couple of times. The way you have your rig set up with tires in the air is dangerous! You are not supposed to EVER let the wheels come of the ground. I figure that the rig not being levelled has caused the oil level to sink too far down. Fill inn oil and I'm sure your problem is solved.

  2. We saw so many motorhomes with their wheels high up off the ground when we were at a casino recently. We couldn't believe it. However, if you can put blocks of wood under those tires it might help a bit. Hopefully, this morning it will work and you'll be able to lower those levels.

  3. I've often seen MH with wheels off the ground like that but it just doesn't look safe to me so I sure hope you can get them fixed today. I agree with Jeri - put wood under those tires so they are sitting on something. At least you have a beautiful place to park.

  4. Hi D......I agree with Peter....the jacks are not meant to support the weight of the unit and can actually cause your frame to warp......though many do as you have done.....and mucho problems.......wishing you the best.


  5. Wow, those comments don't sound good, but it looks like you didn't have a choice. I hope you can get it figured out today. Low oil would be the easiest to fix, I hope that's the problem.

    That area looks very similar to some of the desert areas of Quartzsite. And it's going to be really HOT here the next week or so, good you are there and not HERE. Enjoy!!! :)


    pattern of the flashing lights tells you the problem. Hope above link helps.

  7. When you go to Valley of Fiire be sure and stop at wash #5 and take a walk into the wash. (On the right side of the road as you go towards White Dome) You can also walk up and see the wave of fire from there. The ride through Lake Mead is great. We have Harleys and ride there often. We are volunteering in Lake Mead for a few months staying in a camp site across from Boulder Beach. Just found your blog. Love your attitude Maybe we can meet up for a ride.

  8. So glad you like it. Not hard to find the laundromat. On the main street across from Ace Hardware store. Hey, check out the True Value store, you will be amazed at the stuff in there.