Sunday, October 13, 2013


The first order of business for the yesterday was a visit from Mr. Milo while Daddy (Joe) was working in the Office.  I put one of Bennie’s sweaters on him.  He’s so used to being at my place now that he makes himself very comfortable.


Now about this potluck.  Well I’ve been to many potlucks in my day and as soon as I’m invited to one I ask “What can I BUY to bring ?”  You see cooking and me well we just don’t get along.  And I do have a severe allergy to a KITCHEN !!  LOL

I cook enough to feed myself but certainly wouldn’t make anybody else endure anything that I’ve cooked.

Stephanie suggested I bring brussel sprouts and I was going to head into Mission to get those and also pick up a dessert.  A knock comes on my door and there was Stephanie with a big bag of brussel sprouts as she had to go into Town anyways and decided to pick them up for me.

Tara and I had also been talking about what I could possibly bring and she also knew I had already loaded the bike so didn’t want me wasting my gas by driving the rig into Mission.  A few hours later another knock comes to my door and there is Tara with a huge bag of mixed vegetables for the potluck.

Am I spoiled or what !!


Then when I informed her that I don’t have a pot big enough to cook them in nor a fancy (or big enough) dish to put them in afterwards – she took both bags of veggies home and COOKED THEM FOR ME !!

As with every other potluck I’ve ever been to there was a TON of food.  A large turkey and a ham plus all the fix in's of course.


Food enough for an army of people.




Everybody is digging in !!


And here’s part of the gang ready to chow down.



Got everyone in this picture.  And YES we are sitting outside !


I told everyone to eat FAST so we could get a fire going.  I was freezing !!  Yes, That is my WINTER coat I have on !!


Booze table even set-up.  I don’t indulge though – just water for me.


We even had a Cake for dessert as it was Deb’s Birthday.



I’m not so sure she was pleased with Glenn with this surprise ??


FINALLY some heat as we got a roaring fire going and sat around for hours chatting.


Only two more days now and I’ll be on the road !!


  1. Us solos don't tend to buy for large group meals. I once took a big jar of olives and they were a real hit so I may just keep some of those on hand in the future. :)

  2. What a wonderful celebration, and what super friends you have there. The Brussels sprouts look really good. I love them!

    I don't usually do potlucks. I'd rather bring over my cup of coffee after the meal is done and enjoy the company. Sometimes I even put a little Irish whiskey in the coffee. :)

    Drive safe. I'm looking forward to seeing you when you get here.

  3. You sure are going to miss these folks!

    See you down the road.

  4. I sure hope our Thanksgiving isn't as cold as yours. I really don't want to wear my winter coat to dinner. Sure looks good though.

  5. Nothing is better than a "good ol' potluck" with friends. Good for you! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  6. it's cold on the west coast. Not here. It's rather WARM! Haven't seen a drop of rain for 2 weeks.

  7. It looks like a fantastic meal but I'd eat fast too. I'd want to either get around that fire or inside.

  8. Yer gonna miss those wonderful people there at the park!! Looks like a fine time and lots of grub....your brussell sprouts look delicious!! Please keep in contact via email or call me anytime.


  9. Drive safe and take yer time driving!!


  10. Safe Trip South're livin' the dream. I hope when our time comes to sell the house and hit the road our experiences are as great a s the ones u have had.


  11. Safe Travels D ...will be following along....
    Happy Thanksgiving