Monday, October 28, 2013


It seems all I have to report lately is BAD stuff.

We are having a major wind storm here in this part of the desert - and from what I’ve been reading, everywhere else within hundreds of miles of here.  55MPH/88KPH winds are no fun.

It started last night but I didn’t know it was coming.  Up to this point we’ve just had lovely slight breezes.  Finally by 9:00PM last night I had had enough with all the rattling and went out to bring the awning in.  I wasn’t worried about it flying off because it was well secured to the shade screen I have attached to it and that was well secured into the ground.

But even so, the arms were getting quite a beating.  Putting the awning back involves getting the ladder out as the arms are very high.  So 9 o’clock last night here I was outside, in howling winds, putting the awning up.  It took all my strength because the winds wanted to rip the strap and awning right out of my hands !

It’s been non stop all day and isn’t supposed to die down until sometime tonight.

The winds woke me up at 3:00AM and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I was up until 5:00AM and then went back to bed for a few hours.  It was at that point that I put the slides in.

When I got up I poked my head outside the window to survey any possible damages.  First thing I noticed was the cover of the bike and one tire cover had blown off.  Somewhere off in the bowels of the desert by then no doubt – never to be found again.

I wasn’t concerned about the bike cover because it was a VERY cheap one and I had planned on getting a better one this year once I reach Yuma.  But those tire covers are expensive.

Then I get an e-mail from THOSE ROWDY NEIGHBOURS of mine.  They had BOTH the bike cover and the tire cover held hostage over there for a price !! Devil

Skip saw one of them caught on a bush and the other down in the wash by their place.  He knew they were mine. YEAH !!

So I have been cooped up inside all day in very tight quarters (slides in) – going BONKERS !!

Earlier today I heard a BANG.  Went outside to investigate.  This is what had banged up against the rig.


No idea who owns it – and this is what it did to the RV….


Hey, What’s one more dent/scratch added to the numerous I already have on this rig.Crying face

Check out the tire covers.  They look like they have been glued on.



I’m sure not complaining as I still have it pretty good.  The guy in the tent however doesn’t have it so good.  His tent blew down and he has been sitting in his car all day.


So it’s been a very L O N G day and I feel beat up because the rig has been rocking and rolling so much all day.

Despite the high winds it was still very warm so I needed the windows open.  The rig is now full of desert sand.  This is what I have to deal with tomorrow !!



I had e-mailed ONAN re my generator cover and wondered why I hadn’t heard from them.   Daaaa, it was the weekend.  Being a full-timer I never know the days of the week anymore.

Anyhoooo they e-mailed me back to tell me they had my specific type cover in stock to the tune of $103.  Their location in somewhere in the Phoenix area so I would have to get it shipped.

I called them about that and the guy tells me they also have a location in Las Vegas who also has the cover in stock.  Turns out I’ll be driving right by that location when I leave here.

I’m anxious to get that cover on the generator so I’m thinking now I’ll leave here earlier than expected.  Likely Wednesday or Thursday and head for Q. 

The temps in the Yuma area are still in the mid to high 80’s whereas Q will be in the 70’s.  Perfect !  And as soon as I get there I will be dealing with sanitizing my fresh water tank.

I’m not overly concerned about the fresh water tank as I never drink the water from it.  Just use it for showers and doing the dishes but I’d still like to have it dealt with sooner rather than later.

Now let’s see what tomorrow will bring !! Surprised smile


  1. Oh girly....reading your posts is like looking up CNN every morning - lots of disasters. Seems you have a problem to just lead an uneventful life. :-))

    1. Oh Peter, How I long for uneventful !! LOL

  2. I'd be curious as to how that generator cover came off in the first place. Is it a common problem? Best to have it to keep the sand out. That's a lotta sand inside there. Eek.

    1. Bob, The only thing I can come up with is that I didn't put it back on properly the last time I had it off to check the oil ??

  3. Good news on the genie cover.....sounds like you may need to put a fence around your rig to keep it safe.....

  4. Good to hear some good news for you.

  5. Holy crap, that's a fierce wind! Glad you found a convenient place to replace the cover. But don't you still wonder what happened to the original?

  6. We didn't have much wind down here in the Valley. Paul came down I-17 last night (he's in Fountain Hills) and he said it was terrible. It even moved his big rig around which doesn't happen very often. He was glad to get to the park and settled.

  7. The winds are silent today .. THANK GOODNESS! You are right in that those winds were something else. I couldn't believe the 2 motorhomes that arrived in this park during the middle of it yesterday. Are they stupid to drive in this or what?

  8. It seemed awful quiet this morning, our rig is full of sand too. I think we are leaving Thursday also.

  9. I hate those strong winds. I remember one time in Q we moved the RV during the night to repoint it into the wind as it shifted direction. It's not like we were sleeping anyway. At least on BLM lands you can choose what direction to point; not like in an RV park.