Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I’m always nervous going through the Border and always relieved when that is past me.

I don’t know why that is because I make certain that I have nothing onboard that I’m not supposed to and I doubly make sure that I have all my papers in order.  I don’t screw around with anything when it comes to crossing the Border.

Coming back into Canada they may grill me – but Hey, I’m a Canadian so they HAVE to let me back in.

But going to the States they DON’T HAVE TO let us Canadians across.  So we play nice – really, really nice because we so desperately want to escape the COLD and head to the WARMTH !!

Here are just ‘some’ of the questions they asked me.  There were a LOT and I can’t remember them all. After the basic questions the guy continued to grill me.

Where do you live ?

Who’s living at your place while you are away ?

Your Aunt rents from you ?

How do you define Winter ?

When were you in the States last ?

When did you return to Canada ?

What Border Crossing did you use ?

Where do you work  ?

What Company are you retired from ?

Is your RV paid in full or do you owe money on it ?

Do you have relatives in the States ?

Are you planning on visiting them ?

Do you own property in Arizona ?

Where will you be staying while in Arizona ?

The above are the ones I remember – there were more !!

It felt like I was there an hour but in reality it was likely only 5 minutes – 10 minutes max.  I was sure glad when he handed me back my Passport and said “Have a nice day.”


  1. the main street though Overton is called Moapa Valley Blvd. Stay on this rd about 5 miles south of sown, you will climb a mesa and see the rvs parked there are several turn offs.
    N36 28.909 W 114 27.137.

    1. Jean/Skip, Thanks so much for that info !!

  2. I really wonder how they decide who to grill and who to let through with just the usual questions. That would be so nerve wracking. Travel safe.

  3. It's just that honest Newfie face you have....das all my dear!! Travel safe and stay outta trouble.....

  4. I feel guilty just coming from and going to California. Like a criminal. And the border people have always been nothing but nice, friendly and polite - every time. Still... Must be the Catholic school training. They always made us feel guilty and it just carries on through life. :) Glad you made it across. Do you feel FREE?

    I'm in la Posa LTVA - lots of rigs in the LTVA areas, especially West and South, and apparently no one is checking. I think they might officially open tomorrow, though. Then we can purchase our permits. :)

    1. Barbara, That darn Catholic School upbringing gets us everytime huh !! LOL

  5. Sounds like you had a border guard intent on stressing you out. Obviously, he was just jealous you were escaping the cold and he wouldn't be. Laugh him off ....

  6. Holy smokes. That's crazy. Never had that many questions!

  7. Oh my, those were questions I had not heard before, did they ask about fruits & vegetable, or meat products, or dog papers ?

    1. Kelly, I've never been asked so many questions before either. It was horrible !! And yes, they did ask the obligatory question re fruits and vegetables. I've only been asked once in the last three years for Bennie's papers.