Sunday, October 20, 2013


I knocked of a WHOPPING 45.2 miles today.  Yes, You read that right. I really needed a day of rest as I’ve driven now 1,338 Miles or 2,153 KM’s in the last 6 days.

I needed to re-group; re-organize and relax.  Things get haywire pretty quickly in my ‘home’ when I’m on the road as I just wake up and drive and don’t do much of anything else.

So I puttered around all morning, got my hair cut (I was desperate !) and eventually got on the road at 1:00PM and was safely tucked away at Wally’s by 1:45PM. 

Arrived in Mesquite, NV to a HOT 79F/26C and the very first order of business was to get all doors and windows open.  That’s what a difference in elevation does.  Mesquite is at 1,601’ - prior to arriving here I was in much higher elevations.

I tell ya elevation is everything when you’re a fulltime RV’er.  Prior to getting on the road ‘elevation’ meant nothing to me as it had no impact on my life.  Now it sure does and it’s always something I pay attention to.

The first year on the road (wherever I was) it was not warm enough for me.  So I checked the map and found a place further South – only for it to be COLDER =  Higher elevation.

This is my view tonight….


BARBARA now I feel much better and looking forward to boondocking again in the desert for the next months !!

Tomorrow will be the last leg (of this part) of my journey and I only have to drive less than 50 Miles to get there.  Somewhere in the Overton area I’m gonna find a great spot and boondock for a week or two.  I’ll be getting the bike out and looking forward to checking out the Valley of Fire.


  1. Picking up lots of tips from you Sass. Have a great ride

  2. You were at Wally Mart Mequite??? As far I know they don't like Rv'ers in the Wally Mart parking lot there. Hope, nobody chased you away after you been driving a long stretch of 45miles. Must've been tired, you. :-))

  3. Toni and Doug spend quite a bit of time in Overton. They like boondocking there. I think they're actually heading that way but plan on a stopover first in Pahrump.

  4. We are amazed at how much easier it is for Jim to breath now we are down at a lower elevation. Just saw where it's going to get a little warm Wed and Thurs here - low 90's. Enjoy the Overton area - I know Toni and Doug love it there.