Thursday, October 17, 2013



This was what it was like yesterday morning when I set off.  Didn’t last long as I quickly drove out of it.

Went to bed early last night – 10:00PM – that’s REALLY early for this insomniac.

Then I woke up REALLY EARLY – it was still dark outside !!  Ended up being on the road by 7:30AM – I think something or someone has taken over my body because this is NOT me !!

It was BONE CHILLING FREEZING this morning !!  When I pulled into Pilot to get gas (no Self-Serve in Oregon – they pump it for you) the guy said it was 35F – that’s less than 2C.  Brrrrrr !!

I pulled in a couple of times to rest and eat and reached my ‘destination’ for today (Ontario, OR) by 1:00PM.  Even after I rested and then went into Wally’s to stock up on a few things (no Sales Tax in Oregon !!) it was still only 3:00PM.  I decided to continue on.

So therefore, knocked off another 297 MILES today and arrived at Wally’s in Mountain Home, Idaho.  I don’t usually drive that many miles in one today because (1) I get bored driving and (2) I get tired driving very quickly – especially my eyes.  Being COLD is a great motivator though !!


Look at all that bug splatter on the windshield.  When Don & Carol drove across the Country with me last Fall he would clean the windshield every single night when we pulled in.


Lots of big hills on this route but I’m still enjoying it.  The highest elevation (so far) that I’ve climbed was 4,100’.  I did another one at 3,100’ and 2,100’.  Tough on the old gas mileage.

It’s going to be another COLD one tonight as it is windy and it’s going down to 30F/-1C.  I just had to check online to verify that this place is at an elevation of 2,995’ – I knew I did a lot of climbing today and not a lot of descending !!!  LOL

The daytime Highs are gorgeous though being at 60+F.

I’ve decided with certainty now that I am going to stop somewhere around Lake Mead/Valley of Fire area for a week or so.  Yuma is still way too hot for me being in the High 80’s to low 90’s.  That’s over 30C.

Even Q is still well into the 80’s.  Where I want to stop it’s going to be in the High 70’s – that’s more my temperature.  Plus by then I’ll be more than ready to get off the road for awhile.


I got smart this year and called Verizon while still at the Park and added the 10GB’s of data I purchase each month.  I knew I was going to be crossing the Border within a few hours so this way I knew the first place I pulled in I would have my Internet.

Verizon is the only way to go for Internet as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve enjoyed FIVE gorgeous bars of signal strength every night meaning lightening speed.


Wonder where I’ll be tomorrow night ??


  1. Just back from Oregon, nice state. Paradise for RV
    Have a safety trip no Arizona

  2. Be safe Sass...glad you're havin' a good ride.

  3. Looks like you're going the "cold" route. I'm following you down. Well,I'm following you down on your blog and not behind you on the road.

  4. I remember traveling with men back in the day, and they always clean the windows, check the oil and make sure there's enough gas. I do kinda miss that, too.

    Valley of Fire is beautiful, you'll enjoy spending a week there. It isn't free, though. I didn't stay at Lake Mead.

    Yes, still 80s here in Q, but it's not too hot. Slight breeze, beautiful mornings and evenings. It will be perfect for you soon. :)

  5. You are going the route we went last year. Gets there quick but pretty tiring.

  6. I started to write a comment many many hours ago. Where does the time go? You're doing great even if you are covering a whole lot of miles every day. Really, the 80's are just about perfect cause the evenings cool down so nicely.

  7. Read it, may be it help to you to find some spot for week