Friday, October 18, 2013


Knocked off another 286 Miles today.  I continue to be very lucky with excellent driving conditions.  It warms up during the day enough that I don’t need any heat on while driving but not so much that I need to turn on the A/C.  And the road conditions (for the most part) are very good.  Can’t ask for better than that.

First thing to do before starting off is to plug in my inverter and get the various devices all charged up while driving.  That way, when I settle in for the evening, I start off with a full charge on my Computer and Verizon MiFi device.


My Credit Card is starting to melt from all the usage for gas !!  LOL

When I got up this morning – at 7:30AM I might add !! -  I checked the temperature online and it was 28F/-2C.  But the sun was shining brilliantly in through the front windows and I opened the curtains quickly to get that heat.

I cranked on the furnace plus my Mr. Heater and I was toasty in no time.

I’m also trying out the new GPS I got last April.  I’ve decided to call this one Bridie – or Stupid Old Bridie in some cases as I figure the acronym SOB just ‘might’ be used on occasion !!  LOL  She’s already given me incorrect directions but overall is working out quite well.  Finding a dash mount for it proved to be the most difficult but the other day I did find one at Wal-Mart and so far the thing has flown off onto the floor.


I’ve already been on Google looking to see where I’m going to land tomorrow.  There’s a BIG gap coming up between Wally’s.  So I either drive only 72 Miles or 264 Miles !!

I’ve now had three very long driving days in a row so I’m not looking forward to another one tomorrow.  Perhaps I should have a leisurely morning and maybe even clean the windshield !!??


It’s going to be another COLD one tonight going down to 41F/5C – but I am still at an elevation of 4,450’ (and will be going even higher in the coming days) so it is to be expected I suppose.  I will be glad when I get out of these mountain ranges though.  Looking online at my future stops I will definitely have at least two more days of cold nights before I hit any warmth.  Hmmmm, That might motivate me tomorrow morning to do the 264 Miles.

I saw this sign while driving through somewhere today and wondered (as always) what is the fascination with Americans and GUNS !!


I’m getting confused about the different places to boondock once I reach the Valley of Fire/Lake Mead area.  I’ve read references to Poverty Flats Campground Overton Nevada; Overton Wildlife Management Area; Government Wash; Whitney Pockets etc..

If there’s anybody that has been in this area before perhaps you can shed some more light on this for me.  Being ‘directionally challenged’ I would need very specific directions on where to go.


  1. We loved Valley of Fire because it was so beautiful. We've talked about going to Lake Mead in late February so let us know if you get any good directions.

  2. Hi Sassy,
    Yes Poverty Flats and Snowbird Ridge are one and the same, we always get 4 bars on our Verizon. Lots of bikes in the park, and you don't have to hike.

  3. Haven't been to Valley of Fire yet so can't help you out there. You really do need to clean that windshield though.

  4. I don't get the gun thing either. Happy travels!

  5. You've come to the right place here. We spent 6 weeks in Overton. Love the little town, everything you need. (PS free water hose behind the laundromat). We stay at the Wild Life Refuge. Ignore the 7 days only signs, they don't care. It is hunting season though and believe it or not they are allowed to hunt in the Refuge. Poverty Flats is the butte you will see heading out of town. There are lots of rigs up there and we have never stayed there but lots of friends have. It tends to be windy.

    Valley of Fire is beautiful and a good place to stay one night and dump.

    Email me if you want more information.

  6. Hey Toni, Thanks for the tip re the water. I'll e-mail you with a few questions.