Thursday, October 24, 2013


I had asked Jean to take “a” picture of me taking the bike out.  She took TEN !!  LOL  I won’t post them all but you will see that it is a slow and steady process.  Lots of rocks the bike has to go over at the end - some of them large.

Skip was curious as to how it was done.


Checking to my right…..


Checking to my left…..


This is the tricky part because the bike’s tires are now on the gravel and rocks…


WHEW !  Done !!  I’m always relieved when I have the bike out and still upright.  LOL


You will notice I have a sweatshirt on.  In the mornings here you go through three changes of clothing.  You start with a sweatshirt as it is a little cool – then you change into a long sleeved T-Shirt – then finally a short sleeved T-Shirt.


I didn’t find it as HOT yesterday as I did the previous day even though the temperature was the same.  That’s likely because I wasn’t working getting my set-up done and therefore I didn’t get overheated.  Also I’m sure the few clouds in the sky helped.

SANDIE when I saw the beautiful clouds in the sky I thought of you.


I took a little ride into Overton to drop off some garbage but it was too HOT to even ride.  The pipes on the bike just burn my leg.

So I came back home and Bennie & I found a nice spot in the shade and did what we like to do best = NOTHING.



My first sunset picture of the season…


I looked at the temperatures in Quartzsite and Yuma last night.  HOLY CRAP !!  I’m sure glad I decided to stop here for a few weeks.  By the time I’m ready to leave I’m sure they will be a lot lower.

This morning I enjoyed my cuppa out on my back deck…


This is the view from JEAN & SKIP'S spot.  It’s pretty awesome.


I’m really enjoying getting to know these two – they are about the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  Skip is very quiet but Jean & I have been gabbing and gabbing !


  1. A much better tone of "reporting" today. None of this, "Oh look, I hit a tree." stuff.
    Too bad you have to *back* the bike out, instead of just ridin' 'er down. But, can't have everything. Not too big a deal when compared to say, living in a tent.

  2. I know how difficult & dicey it is pushing my bike backwards in pea stone on level ground & can only imagine how unnerving that must be having to back the bike down a ramp, Two summers ago backing my bike into a parking spot in our driveway it did get away on me & fell over on it's right side. No damage except to my pride. I think you do very well to back the bike out like that.........................

  3. Love the photo with you on your bike. Great shot!
    Enjoy the nice weather, it's getting colder every day here, and we still have not decided what we will do this winter :(

    1. You asked on American traveller today if it wasn't time to leave for us as well.....
      Comment from your blog on October 12:
      "...As for us, we have no plans to go early this year. My guess is rather later than sooner. That way we can stay longer south come spring. It's still cool here in early April."

      And so far there is no change in the plans. I even have to make it to Europe first and Peter will have to wait until I am back. But I wish we could go any day now. It is getting colder by the minute. LOL
      Bea (as in Peter and Bea)

  4. Yeah Bob, I don't like her tone on "how hot it is"!! Sassy, glad yer doing good and enjoying the road. Stay safe and the pictures are great.

  5. Whee! That's a relief you got that bike out without a spill on that gravel. We noticed the heat as we crossed over into Nevada also. It's definitely quite warm during the day and downright chilly at night. However, the weather forecast is that much cooler temperatures are just around the corner.

  6. The clouds are beautiful. I must admit - that is one of the things I miss about Montana. We just don't have the clouds down here and I do love them. Thank you. It's definitely cooling down next week - I wish we could stop skipping those low 80's. We go from hot to cold or back again. Need warm. Enjoy relaxin'.

  7. D......happy to see you are settling down again...... I have ants in my pants and leave for Santiago Chile on Dec 8th to complete the SA Ushuaia trip. I will follow your adventures and misadventures.........LOL


  8. Love your cloud shots - the first one looks like a painting. Nice sunset, too! It's too bad you can't turn the bike around in the rig - it would be nice to be heading out face first.

    Yup, it's been hot here, but not anything Katie and I can't handle with our little neck wraps and Frogg Toggs. I hardly ever turn on the A/C, those cooling devices really do cool us down. You should get some for you and Bennie. :)

  9. Glad to see you looking like yourself again. Glad you got your flu shot this year. Looking forward to Q.