Monday, September 9, 2013


At least that’s what it felt like.

I was recently going through my e-mails to clean out the old ones.  I came across several from my EX-Executive Assistant from June where I was bitchin’ and complain’ about the weather. RAIN RAIN RAIN.  And I told her, in no uncertain terms, that this was my LAST time coming to B.C.

SWITCH ON – The Month of July rolls in and I’m fairly certain it broke all records ever established in B.C.  I don’t remember even one day of rain (although perhaps there was) and there were very few days (if any) under 30C/86F.

There were even several days I had to run my A/C and a lot of days also whereby it was simply TOO HOT to ride the bike !!!

Now for boating, fishing, and kid kinda people being here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT was perfect for those type of hot and sunny days.

Kids – and probably even the Adults too – got to go into the water via this slide anchored into the water.


Or play on these tube boats near the shore.


The Adults lounged and sunbathed on their boats.


Or went mad racing around on the water on their Sea-Doos.


The Park even added a new Light House…


Here’s a close-up.  Off to the left is the gorgeous Sandpiper Golf Course.



Then around the middle of August – actually the day after the Wedding – oh speaking of the Wedding, Amber (Seasonal campers here) sent me some more pics.

The Bride arrived by Helicopter in the field that is right next to the Park – where a Limo awaited her.



She walked across the field to the Limo with her Father holding up her veil.



Everything was picture perfect for this couple’s special day.




This is Deb (Seasonal Camper) directing traffic:


OK, So back to SWITCH OFF

Literally, the day after the Wedding the weather changed.  It’s been raining quite a bit the last two weeks.  Even on warm, sunny days, as soon as the Sun goes down it gets cool – very cool.  I’ve even needed the HEAT on some nights.

We got through MOSQUITO season and are now into WASP season.  The mosquito season could have been far worse here but thankfully the Park sprays and that really kept the numbers down.  I was in an area (by the water) not far from here and as soon as I took off my helmet they swarmed my head.  Nobody could get away from them.  It was awful.

That black at the bottom of the bag is all dead Wasps.


Check out my little boy wandering off and exploring …


He slowly saunters back to me.


Appears though Mother Nature is not quite finished with Summer yet.  The forecast for this week is HOT HOT HOT – and – HUMID HUMID HUMID !!

Every day the (humidex) High is going to be well over 30C !!  One day it is forecasted to be 37C/99F !!  Oh I dare say my A/C will be running this week for sure !!


  1. I think complaining about the weather is one of our rights. Doesn't matter if we are complaining about heat or cold or bugs we have the right! For a limited time only. :)

  2. I keep hoping somebody will find that perfect weather place. But it sure hasn't happened yet. We had a pretty good summer but we couldn't have made it without air conditioning. It's all the storms we've had that I can't handle. But AZ got hit hard this winter also. So keep looking.

  3. Yep, it's time to stay inside. Helps the breathing. Hang in there, you will be hitting the road soon.

  4. But think of how bored we'd be if it were the same all the time? (not)

  5. 6 weeks and you will be heading should consider Florida

  6. We're still looking for perfect weather too. I'm guessing we'll never find it. However, in our opinion the Pacific NW is about the best we can get during the summer.

  7. Right now it seems all heat of the summer is gone over here. It's downright fallish!