Monday, September 23, 2013



Have I mentioned that I am sooooooo ready to get back on the road ??  So I had to put a SURVIVAL PLAN into place.


Over the last weeks I have been getting the rig ready for the road.  Like taking off the tire covers, putting away all my solar lights, securing the awning etc. etc.


As most of you know I do not have a tow vehicle – it’s only the bike.  And in the almost three years on the road I can honestly say the times I’ve missed not having a car are very few and far between.  Certainly not enough to warrant the cost of a car, insurance etc. etc.


The weather has changed here now with lots and lots of RAIN.  And I will NOT ride the bike in the rain.  Yet I still have several more weeks before I can head South.  Oh I could head South now – but as a Canadian that would just mean I would have to return in the Spring so much earlier.


I figured when I’m stuck in the house for days on end because of the rain I can pull the rig out and go shopping or visiting or anything for a few hours.  And then just come back to the park afterwards and my sanity will be restored for another few days.

Tara & Joe have been away for the last week at a Wedding in Ontario.  So Bennie has had his BEST BUD here.  They are getting along great.


Bennie seems to have taken on the protective older Brother role and never leaves Milo’s side.



And they play musical beds…

Milo in Bennie’s bed….


Sometimes they actually get in their OWN bed !!



“Looka me Mom – Auntie Denise even allowed me on her bed !!”


Good thing I had my SURVIVAL PLAN already in place because on Saturday I get an e-mail from MAW (who lives in Chilliwack) saying:

“Cooking a load of ribs tomorrow—you in ? LOL”

Well the forecast for Sunday was RAIN – RAIN – RAIN – 30-40MM of it no less. So on Sunday all I had to do was unplug the electrical and press a button to lift the jacks and another button to bring in the slides and I was OFF for a feed of ribs !

Naturally Bennie and Milo came with me.  I did take my ‘home’ afterall !

MAW’s friend Sharon really took to Milo…


Well to be honest she took to both Bennie & Milo – but Bennie really isn’t the cuddling type for any length of time.


Milo on the other hand, could stay in your arms forever.


We’re leaving now – she doesn’t want to part with him !!





  1. Bennie is really going to miss Milo!! We've had rain, rain, rain here the last couple days. hate it!

  2. Oh the things we do to survive hitch itch. I am sure glad we are finally on the road even though I know it just means we're going to AZ to sit for a long time. I sure get to enjoy the times in between.

  3. I loved these doggie pics. They are really great pals!

  4. Our rains in Yellowstone have been during the night, but it is mighty cold. I believe that Bennie needs a full time little bro.

  5. So, that's what's wrong with my brain. I knew there was something.