Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I’m finding the time long now, yet the time is flying by.  Try and make sense of that !!  LOL

I’m definitely (more than) ready to get back on the road so I don’t like the waiting.  I know that there is something in the works whereby Canadians can stay in the States for 8 months and I sure hope that comes into play soon !!

Yet at the same time it feels like August just flew by as is September !!

Baby frogs continue to love my Harley !!  I found one in my saddlebag one day and this little guy hitch-hiked all the way to Chilliwack (in my windshield bag) with me before I discovered him !!


I had a hell of a time getting him out !!


A few pics of my little boy as he hangs around with me during the evenings.

He may start out this way..


And then shift around to this way….


My poor little guy sure looks uncomfortable here huh….


Saw this person riding while walking around the Park the other day.


Tara & Joe finally got away for a few hours – long over-due and well earned !!  This is Tara’s FIRST ride this Season – that’s how busy they’ve been.


And off they go !!



They were only going to be gone for the afternoon and were going to leave Milo in their rig.  Well I was just going to be hanging around so decided to take him over to my place.

Bennie started here…..


While Milo was here….


Then Milo wanted on the couch….


And Bennie wanted on the floor…


Then Milo wanted to try out Bennie’s bed….


Then they BOTH decided they wanted on the couch with me – I’m hanging off the edge !!


Yup, That’s all I got Folks !!


  1. Hang in there - it's almost time for you to get on the road. I know it's hard just sitting and waiting. We feel that way about the bed sometimes - we get to hang off the edge.

  2. I never have figured out how time can be fast and slow at the same time but it sure is. It's slow when I think how long before I can head south but fast when I think what I still have to do to be ready.

  3. Cute little guys. Friends of ours who own a Motel here have a girl doggie like that, named Gracie, and she owns a "HARLEY DAVIDSON" outfit. I have to get a photo of her for you one of these days. They always put it on her when a "Harley" guest checks in/out!

  4. Before you know it you'll be heading south and wondering where all the time went.