Friday, August 23, 2013


These pictures were taken the day before the Wedding.   All systems were GO and the weather even co-operated – despite the forecast for 90% chance of RAIN.

It was HOT and HUMID.  Poor “one N” Glen was busy trying to keep myself cool.


I won’t even mention here what part of his body he was ‘cooling of’ in this pic !!  Thankfully I was a few seconds delayed with the taking of this pic !!!  Surprised smile


The lots Owners and Seasonals set up a cover and sat around watching all the goings on.  This is Mr. Tiga (Tega sp ??) being royally spoiled by having his Daddy chauffeur him around.


Despite the forecast for 90% chance of rain for the entire weekend both days turned out to be gorgeous.


The tent where the reception was going to be held looked very pretty light up at night. Those clouds look a bit nasty though don’t they.


Bennie and I headed over to MAW’s in Chilliwack around Noon.  I wasn’t going to go that early but figured I might as well.

Took these pics on my way out – showing the tables all decorated.



I came back the following day around mid-day.  All reports of the wedding were GOOD !!  They shut the music down shortly after Midnight but most people didn’t get to bed until almost 4:00AM.  And I don’t just mean the wedding crowd – also the lot owners/regulars here.

Apparently everybody had a great time and once again there were NO incidents !!  Now that’s pretty good when you have that many young people combined with (I’m sure) a LOT of alcohol.

It was pretty quiet here on Sunday as most people were nursing their hang-overs !!  LOL

So once again we have the beautiful bliss of peace and quiet here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT


  1. No problems with young folks and alcohol - that is amazing. Beautiful decorations.

  2. Maybe no problems but still sounds to me like a good night to not be home. It's not unusual for me to stay up until 3 am but it is quiet where I'm doing so. Those of you who like to get up while the clock still says it's morning might have even more trouble with the late (early?) hour.

  3. Wow, I would have worried about the tables, but all looks like it went well. It sure looks beautiful there.

  4. What a gorgeous setting they had for the wedding. Okay, so weddings usually happen in a church but I just think these outside weddings are even nicer.