Sunday, August 11, 2013


The consensus from my post of the August long weekend was clearly that ``it was one CROWDED campground``.  It sure was - there`s no doubt about that – however, no more crowded that any other Campground on a long weekend.

And some people wonder why I LOVE boondocking so much !!  My first year on the road I went to RV Parks, Campgrounds, State Parks etc. all the time.  But once I got a taste for Boondocking I knew that was the answer for me.

The cost was a factor no doubt – but the main factor for me was the solitude that Boondocking offers.  I also quickly learned that Boondocking is no fun if you are always worried about the level of juice left in your house batteries and if you had to put up with that awful noise that the generator makes in order to keep them charged.

I decided to do a Post with my responses to the Comments made.

My Buddy Byron said:

Of course fishing is peaceful and all that stuff.....but keep to riding that beauty Harley, it's better therapy for ya!! Love the pictures and the stories......

Byron my Friend, don’t worry – I don’t plan on giving up riding my beautiful Harley anytime soon. Although I do see a Trike in my future ! You and Judy really should get your butts in gear and join me !!

Bob said:

Jaysus! Talk about packin' 'em in like sardines! We would see that at places like Grand Bend (at the drags) but I'm not sure I want to be in an actual campground that was that crowded. At least you knew when it would be over, plus you had your really awesome 'back yard'.
That fishing thing would be OK until you catch a fish. Then it's just too much excitement for me I'm afraid.


Bob, I am soooo glad I have my ‘back yard’.  It really made such a difference for me. I think the `crowding` though was very typical of any RV Park – if you took an aerial view like I did.

Linda said:

A weekend of choosing whether to open your slide or your awning because there's not room for both. Always makes me glad weekenders go home. At least the band played music I could have enjoyed. :)


Linda, I was surprised - not that the Band was good – but more that it wasn’t BOOMING LOUD.  Very pleasant indeed and they shut it down at 11:00PM.


Sandie said:

My heavens - they really do pack 'em in. And week-enders always have so much energy as they try to cram all their fun into a couple of days. Definitely not peaceful. But it didn't last too long. If it went on for a week that would be way too much. Enjoy your peace and quiet now.

I meant to tell you - come to AJ and Jim'll take you out fishing. Can't guarantee any catching but the boat ride sure is nice.


Sandie, Amazingly enough there were NO incidents during the weekend !!  And with that number of people I thought that was pretty good.  Also there were times when there was practically no-one around !  Out on the water I figured.


Jill Thomas said:

I'm with you on the "peace and quiet" thing. That's one overly packed campground there!

It was crowded for sure, but believe it or not, there actually were still several campsites still available. I’ve checked around in the various campgrounds in the area and there’s not a lot to choose from.  I even checked out some RV Parks in Harrison Hot Springs – now they are crowded !!


Jeri said:

WOW! That place was really packed! I would have been happy to see the weekend pass and have all those people leave.


Oh Jeri, I REALLY was !!  But I sure can`t complain as this was the first weekend since I`ve been here that it was this crowded.  This Park is definitely the nicest around by a long shot !!


Nan said:


ohhhh, my! Thank goodness it was just for the weekend! I cannot believe how many RV's they packed in there. You have my sympathies.


Nan, I sure was grateful that I had my ‘back yard’.  Made all the difference in the world.


Toni said:

Looks like Quartzsite in January. They sure pack them in.


Toni that is sooo funny because I was thinking exactly the same thing !!  LOL


Rene said:

The long weekend brought financial pay dirt to the ownership group of that campground. Good for them....but also good for you when the long weekenders left back for home.


Rene, The Park is owned by a single individual (as far as I`ve been informed).  He`s put a LOT of money into it so far and plans are in the making for more improvements this coming Fall.

Terry said:

I know it's a sin, but Sass I do so ENVY you!

Well Terry, I keep saying to anyone that ``envies`` me – all ya gotta do is get old and wrinkly and sell everything you own and you too can do this !!  LOL


The waterfront sites are really very large and although they are horrifically expensive (in my opinion), they are always the first ones to get reserved !!

This coming Fall plans are in place to widen all the sites directly across from the waterfront ones.  That’s going to involve moving all the sewer lines, electrical etc. etc.

The sites directly across from where I am are definitely the smallest hence you saw the awnings almost touching the person’s rig next to them.

Oh and don’t forget – for any of you Canadian Snowbirds that might be reading this – they are looking for more Park Hosts to help out with the workload.

And YES, I have my peace and quiet back.  YIPPEEEEE !!  The Park is about 1/2 full now……well until the weekend anyways.


  1. Oh, the comments you got about "crammed in", hell, we have that everyday. We will be so happy to get out of here.

  2. Sometimes it's great to boondock and sometimes not so much. When it's packed anyplace, I don't like to be there.

  3. Maybe I shouldn't bring this up......BUT, when you mention a trike, the first place I thik of is the dealer that took you a couple of days to go through.....Barnetts in El Paso. That is a dealer I would love to visit.
    Sassy, I'm always looking at the rvs....I seea 2008 Mandalay Presido 360, a 42 ftr in 1000 Islands right at my back door. A shade too expensive, but very nice. I think I would like that work for a discounted spot deal. Work 2 days and get a free week wouldn't be too bad.
    Take care.......

  4. We haven't done much boondocking..(wally word doesn't count I'm sure)...but it is definitely in our future