Monday, August 26, 2013


I can’t remember if I blogged about this last Winter – but one day Lee and I were walking into a Restaurant in Quartzsite, Arizona and I saw someone sitting in a booth that looked familiar.

Turns out it was indeed a Friend of mine from W A Y back in the day when I lived in Vancouver in the 70’s !!!  I hadn’t seen her in 30 years !!

We’ve stayed in touch and they have now dropped by for a visit here at the Park a couple of times.  One day I see this VERY FANCY SMANCHY Volvo Convertible pull in – certainly no one I know that for certain !! LOL

We had a great visit and chatted for hours. Then took a little stroll around the Park. SUDDENLY BENNIE WAS MISSING !! WHERE DID HE GO ??

Yup, It was another HOT day and my precious little boy was taking care of himself by settling in the shade.


This picture was taken as they were ready to leave and put up the top to show me how it works.


Then they put the top back down…

Another pic of my boy resting in one of his favourite spots….


When I decide to spend time in my ‘back yard’ Bennie enjoys being there also.



During the hottest of the HOT days I discover that my A/C isn’t working !!!  After some trouble shooting I discover it’s only the one in the Bedroom that isn’t working.  BTW, This rig has THREE A/C’s !!

I wasn’t going to bother to spend the money to get it looked at because as long as the one in the living area was working that kept it cool enough to be comfortable.

But the Park Owner showed up one day with his A/C guy to have a look at it.  Not sure why he did that ??



He left – not knowing exactly what the problem was – saying he had to check something on his computer.  Never did hear back from him ??  Fine by me.

Another day I decided to pop over to the SASQUATCH INN to get something to eat.  This place is a VERY popular spot for motorcycles to stop as they enjoy the gorgeous ride along the # 7 route.  So I figured the food must be good.  It is !!

While there I see this woman outside having a smoke – wearing a T-Shirt that proudly and bolding said NEWFOUNDLAND.  Naturally I had to have a chat with her.  Turns out her and her husband are from Central NL but have been living here in B.C. for over 25 years now.

She was VERY excited to see my NL License Plates !!


Got an e-mail yesterday morning from MAW:

“Turkey dinner at 5.00 what u doing? “

Hmmm – Ahhhh – DUHHHHHH.  And very quick reply was sent – “I’ll be there !!”

An actual real cooked meal was not something I was about to turn down !!  Turkey with all the trimmings – mashed potatoes; veggies; stuffing; gravy etc. etc.  It was delicious !!!  Thanks MAW !

AND I got sent home with leftovers !!

I really haven’t been doing much so that’s about all I have to report.

I’m still undecided as to where (if anywhere) I am going for September and October.  Even though I’ve been at this Park now for THREE MONTHS I’m still enjoying it here.

I did spend some time in Osoyoos in the Fall the last time I was here and I did like it there a lot.

Gonna have to make up my mind soon though.

I’ve started to get a bit antsy though to get back on the road.  Would love to start a very slow trek South right now but it’s still way too early.  The earlier I go – well, the earlier I have to return in the Spring and that is not pleasant.  So I’m going to try and hold back until the end of October.


  1. Oh that silly Bennie! Funny how life is with friends & folks you don't even know, still live in the same circle. I think October sounds good.

  2. Pretty slick is right. Cool video of the C70. We swooned over that model ever so briefly, but then ended up with the Merc. Just couldn't picture having the top down all that much. Not in muggy Ontario anyway.
    Once upon a time, I was walking down a street in Paris (the one in France) and came face to face with someone from my High school. Half a world away! How the heck does that even happen?
    Another time, my wife and I were in Amsterdam, and if we hadn't taken one little detour, we wouldn't have seen a friend of mine that I met in the 70s. Crazy.
    Another one of those serendipitous moments. And nowadays with email and such, you can actually keep in touch with folks.

  3. I understand antsy. Think we're going to take the van out for the day Monday just to move it a bit. Way too early to head south, though.

  4. As long as you're likin' where you're at, I say hang in there for awhile. When you're headed back in the spring the weather can be so lousy so I like the idea of you not heading back down too early. We, of course, have to get back down there for doctor appointments. So in just about two weeks we'll start our trip back down. Bennie is so cute. Smarter than some humans because he knows to get in the shade.

  5. Ford had invented a similar convertible trick in the fifties. But the VOLVO doesn't LOOK like a convertible when the roof is up. :-(

  6. You're going to slowly trek between the Wal-Marts? Now that our plans have changed we're not sure when we're going or even where we're going. At least you have that part figured out!

  7. Yeah, I'm already thinking about Quartzsite, too. Something about that place! But it's too hot there and will be for a while.

    I might try out some BLM 14-day limit places on the way. I think if I go over to AZ from Bluewater, which is in the north-west corner of the state, I could slowly make my way down, while still being in the northern part of Arizona. I'm thinking it would be cooler there? I'll have to do some research.

    Anyway, like you I'm perfectly happy where I am, so why mess with success, right? :)