Friday, August 16, 2013


Well we’ve had a Reunion and a Church Group here.  This weekend there’s going to be a Wedding held here at the Park.

I wonder when it’s over will they (the Park people) say “What were we thinking ?? Never Again !!”  or “That wasn’t so bad – we’d do it again.”

Wednesday these guys arrived:


They started setting up their tents:


Although the weather looked questionable I decided to go for a run on the bike.  It turned out to be a very HOT day but NO RAIN.

When I left I really didn’t know exactly where I was going.  I ended up in Boston Bar.  What a gorgeous ride it was.  The road conditions were amazing; the scenery spectacular.  Lots of interesting and very scenic places I could have stopped.  Will definitely do that run again.

I stopped here for a late lunch:


I had previously been told that the food was really good at this place.  It was.

But it was oh soooo hot and HUMID.

I ate in their outdoor patio area because I had Bennie with me.  It was like sitting in a sauna.  I ate quick so I could get back on the bike to get some air flowing on me.

This sign was in the bathroom – OH how I can relate !!!



When I got back the tents were all up.  But notice the sky !  YUP, Them’s RAIN clouds.  And rain it did !!


On Thursday these guys arrived:


The Park has three bathrooms – certainly enough for a normal weekend whereby most people use their own bathrooms in their own rig.  But not nearly enough to handle the 300+ people that are expected to be here for the weekend – with a lot of young people in tents.

Also on Thursday the guys were busy setting up the tables under the tents:


Saturday is the actual day for the Wedding – complete with a Live Band at night.  I have my escape route planned !!

With all the gorgeous weather we’ve had since the beginning of July NOW it starts to rain.  And rain it will be on this poor young couples Wedding – 90% chance of rain tomorrow.  They are gonna need those tents.


  1. I still can't get over how hot it's been in B.C. My sister lives in Langley, and she said it's almost been like living in Southern Ontario!
    The people there don't know what to do. The sun is freakin' them out.
    Good luck with the group. Church, schmurch, they'll be rowdy, you watch.

    1. Bob, yes, it has been record breaking temps - according to the online stats.

      I KNOW it's gonna be rowdy - put young people together with LOTS of beer and loud music. I plan on escaping to a friends place in Chilliwack for Saturday night.

  2. Right now we are experiencing almost record lows for this time of year. It's been in the high 70's and low 80's for the past 3 days and we are ecstatic! The humidity is almost non existent. I am loving this! Waiting for the other shoe to drop! This can't last forever, its August!

  3. We've had gorgeous weather but a little too much humidity for us. However, would much rather have this than cold, clouds and rain at least in August.

  4. We've been having gorgeous weather. Dave just went out for a walk--may be his last one for awhile because they are predicting HOT just in time for the Minnesota State Fair. Don't think I'll go this year.

  5. posting for a week.....did you catch the bouquet at the wedding last Saturday and ???????