Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The weather has been in that elusive “PERFECT'” category for the last several weeks.  Don’t often get that do we.  Not too hot – not too cold – not too windy – NO RAIN etc. etc.

Paul is a fellow RV full-timer; Solo AND the most important thing is that he is also a fellow Harley Rider !

I met Paul through JIM & SANDIE way back in JANUARY, 2011.  Check out that link to see the amazing ride we took on the bikes.

Paul also has the most unique and completely awesome set-up for loading his bike.  Check it out HERE.  Joe, If you’re reading this you are going to be totally jealous !!

We met again in Arizona the following year.  In the meantime he has been EVERYWHERE !!  This guy really puts on the miles.  He toured the Maritime Provinces; went to Alaska; been to likely every State in the United States etc. etc.  He also spent two months last Spring (I think) in Australia and New Zealand – no, he didn’t take his rig or his bike on that trip.

Sandie sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago to tell me Paul is somewhere in B.C.  I e-mailed him and discovered he was less than an hour’s ride from where I am.

He came by the Park to visit.


We took a little run to Harrison Hot Springs where we had lunch and checked out the beach area.

Harrison Hot Springs is really a beautiful little place with lots of sandy beach areas and of course surrounded by B.C’s beautiful mountains.  However, now in my ‘elderly years’ I am finding it far too crowded; far too expensive and far too touristy.  So we got back on the bikes and took a ride up around the right side of the Lake (or is it a River ??) where there is a gorgeous little day use area with a sandy beach and much less crowded.

We met up another day and rode into Vancouver to see GROUSE MOUNTAIN and MOUNT SEYMOUR.  That day was disappointing.

First of all the traffic getting into (and out of Vancouver) is INSANE !!  Tons of traffic and road construction.

Although I’ve skied both Grouse and Seymour many times ‘back in ‘da day’ I had no memory of how to get there now and what it was like.

We arrived at the Grouse Mountain parking lot only to find that you had to take the Gondola Ride up the rest of the way to see anything.  I had Bennie with me so that wasn’t an option.  I felt kinda bad ‘cause I think if Paul had been alone he would have taken the ride up.

We stopped for lunch at Tim Horton’s.  Paul seemed reluctant as he thought Tim’s was only a donut place.  WELL you can’t say you’ve been to Canada without stopping at a Tim’s.  I believe he was very pleasantly surprised as we enjoyed a delicious sandwich, a drink and a fresh Boston Cream Donut !

I remembered going to one of these Ski Resorts and the road was very curvy (motorcyclists love curvy roads) and you could see all of the Lower Mainland and the Pacific Ocean off in the distance.

So off we headed to Mount Seymour.  Again disappointing.  Yes, the road up the Mountain was the same, however, there is no longer any viewing points.  Add 30+ years of tree growth and you’ll understand why.

Although it was still early in the afternoon we decided to head back home knowing I had a two hour ride ahead of me.

No, not even one picture taken that day !!

It was great seeing Paul again and catching up and I’m sure we’ll see each other again this Winter in Arizona.

I tried to talk him into staying longer in B.C. but he had reservations booked and is now off to Banff and Jasper.


  1. RVing friend who has a Harley--can't get much better than that.

  2. Got the following e-mail from my friend Lynn - who can no longer post comments now that I've taken 'Anonymous' off:

    "Hi Denise, You needed to go further West---to the Cypress bowl road---leads up the mountain & there's a great lookout back over the city.

    It's off of the upper levels road---on the way to Horseshoe Bay---so you were on the right track just not far enough west.

    Now you will know for next time. You sure are right about the great weather---hard to believe it's Vancouver---. Lynn."

  3. Right on Lynn, I was just about to post that it was probably Cypress Mountain that Denise remembered from "back in da day". You can drive right up to the ski area (no gondola ride required)and there is a beautiful lookout point on the way up.

    Maybe, Paul can stop by B.C. again on the way back

  4. I was at a flea market/antique mall today and saw a Harley-Davidson lamp. That was new to me. Thought about you.

  5. Sure glad you guys got together for a ride. Paul isn't real flexible - he usually has everything all planned out for his trip and sticks to it.

  6. That was certainly a treat for both of you to be close enough you could venture out on your Harley's together. What fun I bet that was!! I know what you mean about trees growing and blocking your view. They tend to do that for sure.

  7. You don't need to get me started on a BOSTON CREAM DONUT, I'd eat them all. I agree on the insane Vancouver traffic. It's simply horrendous.

  8. Sassy, since you seem to like this area and as an ex blogger who follows your blog,I'll extend an invitation to come and see the park I'm in.......It is right across the river from you and is a self owned RV park full of Snowbirds like myself who boondock and RV park down south.
    So if you are interested in having a permanent address to snowbird from,I'll gladly show you around.
    It is strata,but you own your own lot,it gives you a social life with a like kind and an indoor pool and sauna plus outside hot tub if that's your thing.......I don't have anything to do with sales,just as a follower of your blog since we were down on the desert last winter,I thought you might like this option.....I've been here since 95 and love it.