Wednesday, July 24, 2013


But these were of the MUNCHKIN variety.

First Keith arrives with his beautiful daughter Laura.  Laura is 6 years old and the youngest of six children – yes Folks you read it right – SIX KIDS !!  Oh Me Nerves.

Laura was having some quality time with Daddy in a weekend get-a-way.

Little Laura is on the back in this pic.


The following day my Logger neighbour had his grandkids out for over-night.  They are Day Lynn and her little Brother Kage.


Day Lynn is 7 years old and I quickly introduced her to Laura.  They became fast friends and really bonded.


They were quite taken with the bike – my rig – and the garage ramp door.  They had a great time running up and down the ramp. 


Laura’s Daddy took a short video of the girls on the bike.  I started it up so they could REV it.  Little Kage patiently looks on.  He did get his turn of course.

Things continue to be BLISSFULL here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT.  You wouldn’t even be able to hear a pin drop here at night.  LOVE IT !!  I am sooooo glad I found this place.

In my three years on the road, I think this is the longest time I’ve spent in one spot.

Elaine and John also came out one day for a visit.  Just waiting for John to send me the pics he took so I can write a post about it.


  1. It looks like you've lost your bike. Or, maybe you've just created two monsters. Or, maybe you've just improved the economy with the sale of two future Harleys.

  2. Not sure if their folks are going to appreciate the future Harley riders but they sure do look cute on that bike. Isn't it amazing the amount of energy they have? Wears me out just watching them.

  3. I placed a message in your previous blog entry instead of this one...thought you might not catch it.

  4. Youngins either keep you young or make you feel old. Sometimes both in the same visit.

  5. Ya, And the great thing about them is that I got to GIVE THEM BACK when I got tired of them !! LOL

  6. What province is it u are in...I'm guessing by the mountains in the backdrop its B.C. or Alberta? TR (HighwayMan)

    1. Terry, I'm in B.C. again this year until it's time to head South.

  7. Cute, cute kids!! Yes, I can't believe you are still there!?! I can imagine how much fun your rig must be to little girls, we ARE playing house in our little homes, aren't we? :)