Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The website for the HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT (which they are also improving regularly) boasts - “Arrive as Strangers, Leave as Friends” -

Well you know what I thought when I read that huh !! Yup, right --- PFFFTTTT !!

Or – “Ya Right !!”

Or even --

Now I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong – I do vaguely recall actually being wrong one other time in my lifetime….Winking smile

But in my time here I’ve gotten to know the regulars and they are all really nice Folks.

Tara/Joe are the Park Managers and are also lot Owners and fulltime here.

Stephanie/Franco are also lot Owners and just sold their house so they also will be full time here soon.

Both of these couples go South for the Winter months so I’m hoping I’ll cross paths with them down there as well.

Then there’s Carol and George who just had a flood in their house - poor things.

Glenn and Deb are another couple who are here every weekend. Those youngins’ are not yet retired. They just bought a new (to them) 5th wheel. Here’s Joe taking Glenn’s trailer to the dealership as Glenn didn’t have a truck big enough to tow it.

A few days later they came back with their new (to them) 5th Wheel.  Joe is hauling the rig followed closely by Deb.

And then Glenn….They were both sooooo excited !!

They said they couldn’t sleep the night before because they were so excited about getting the rig.

Getting things out of the way to make room for the new rig.

The goal is to line the rig up right next to that mat.


Now comes the time to back the HUGE rig into their spot.  I did mention to Joe that I’d be happy to do it for him if he was uncomfortable backing it in……..  He declined.  WHEW !!  LOL


They went from a 27’ TT to this 38’ 5th Wheel that has FOUR slides.  What, oh what, are they going to do with all that space !!??



Is he going to take out the fence !!??


I’ll label this one – “How many MEN does it take to back in a 5th wheel ?”  hehehe

Try three…..

Try four…

And she’s IN – and perfectly lined up I might add.  Notice the '”BOSS” walking around inspecting his mighty fine work.

Hope you noticed the beautiful blue skies and the gorgeous Mountains in these videos and pictures.


  1. Sure sounds like you are settling in to a community. That's how we feel about our park in AJ. It's really become like family to us. That is a gorgeous fiver. But it's huge.

  2. Looks like my parking: find out how far is too far left; find out how far is too far right; get it close; then finally good or, at least, good enough. :)

  3. Don't you laugh, I remember that you were green(inexperienced) once upon a time about 3 years ago!! LOL!! That is a beauty for sure....


    1. Oh Byron, I still don't have a clue what I'm doing half the time !! LOL

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  5. Hi Sass:

    I looked at the website, nice spot. I can see that as a definite stop for Sherry & I when we start livin' the life. I am assuming that as you are in B.C. now and it is the end of July, you will not be coming to NL this year? It's been a decent season by Newfoundland standards. July has been great weather wise but we sure didn't have the spring we had in 2012. Hopefully August will provide continued sunny weather. If you check your e-mail you should have one from me with my trip report from my recent Terry Fox ride. It was the first long haul (1000+ kms) I have done with the ST. It sure is a good highway bike.

    All the best!

  6. How funny. I bet you would have zipped right in there and parked it perfect on the first try. Of course, you would have.

  7. Sounds like a really nice upgrade for them. Four tries, huh? The man has patience and likes to do things perfectly, nothing wrong with that. Does he have an older brother? LOL :)