Monday, July 8, 2013


Since that gawd awful HEAT WAVE we went through last week, the temperature have been in the PERFECT category.  Daily temps being in the mid to high 20’s – that’s high 70’s to low 80’s for my American friends.

And the forecast through to the middle of July is showing the same.  It cools down enough at night to make for wonderful sleeping but not cold. No complaints from this Blogger !

Bruce (logger guy who is parked next to me) told me he has a bird’s nest in the nose of his 5th Wheel.  I had to go see for myself.


Sure enough (at least) three little baby birds are there.  Isn’t is so amazing how the Mamma bird has made this nest for her babies.


Saturday I packed a Lunch with LOTS of bottled (frozen) water and Bennie and I headed out on the bike.  I thought I’d drop by the HD dealership in Langley but never did get there.

Once I got into Langley I realized some friends of mine lived close by so I dropped in to see them for a short visit.

Then I decided to take the long way home and swung by MAW’s in Chilliwack for a visit – and got fed !!

We left about mid day and didn’t get back home until later in the evening.  Sure was a great day.

Yesterday my goal was to FINALLY wash the bike.  Took off the windshield and saddle bags – love the look of the bike without those on but it’s just not practical.


Good thing I decided to do it then as later in the morning Joe (Park Manager) came by and told me there was a bike event at the SASQUATCH INN They were hosting a MOTORCYCLE SHOW AND SHINE.

This place is a very popular spot for motorcycle riders to stop at while enjoying a ride along the beautiful #7 Route through all the small communities.  I’ve seen the parking lot full on many occasions as I rode by there.  It is only a few minutes away from the RV Park where I am staying.



It was later in the afternoon before we got there but still quite busy….

Took a walk around looking at all the bikes….

Had to take a short video of this bike.  It is identical to mine with the trike conversion done on it. Oh yes, I can see a trike in my (elderly) future !!  LOL

In this video I am walking toward the Vendor area – and I didn’t buy a thing !!!

You never know what you are going to see at a Show & Shine !!  Check out this beautiful creature.  The Owner was explaining to someone that the bird is completely blind and had been in a horrible accident in Manitoba.

Joe and I took a little ride through Kilby after we left the S&S.  Short but sweet little ride yesterday.


  1. Definitely looks like your kind of day. Or Mike & Julie's. :)

  2. Talked to Paul today and he just arrived at Alder (I think) BC. Anyhow just east of Vancouver. He's all excited about getting on the bike and hopefully some cooler weather. Beautiful bikes everywhere you look.

  3. Weather here is gorgeous too now that the hot hot stuff moved out. We're having pretty much the same. It's in the upper 70's and 80's. We love it like that!