Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Getting settled here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT.  It was previously called Old Orchard RV Park but they are going through a name change and the website desperately needs updating. But it gives you a good idea of the spot.

Nice to have my chairs and mat out and the weather has even been co-operating these last few days.  It’s been GORGEOUS and I’m sitting outside until it’s almost dark.



Last Sunday my good Friend Elaine came to visit.  She had to get her Hubby to Bellingham Airport for an early morning flight so stopped in on her way back.  Here she comes in her FANCY SMANCHY Convertible.


Tyner and I have known each other since W A Y  B A C K  in the 70’s when we worked at the same place.  Although many years would go by (after I left B.C.) we still maintained our Friendship.


We had a great day talking and talking and talking and took a walk around this beautiful Park.  Boating is BIG around here.


I wanted to get a picture of the two of us but there was no-one around.  I’m trying to figure out the self-timer feature on my camera.


Finally did manage to get a half decent one -  I won’t show you all the discards – but some of them were funny.


We had a wonderful visit – one of many I’m sure as the Summer goes on.  I noticed over on the other side of the Lake ( well it’s actually the Harrison River but everybody here calls it the Lake) it was looking quite nasty.

You can see a glimpse of it in the upper left of this picture.


As soon as Tyner left I noticed it was heading in this direction.  I just had time to get the cover on the bike and close the ramp door and it HIT.  The RAINS came down from the sky with a vengeance !  Another ‘free’ leak proof test for the rig.  LOL

It only lasted for about 1/2 hour and passed on to someplace else.  And the sun came back out.

Sure was a nice day.


  1. It is great that you can reconnect with "old" friends! Good photos of you 2.

  2. You look not happy in that first picture. Second is much better. Sure glad you got the bike covered before the heavens dumped.

  3. Sure hope that rain didn't catch Tyner with her top down. Glad you got buttoned up in time.

  4. So, you and Tyner have known each other since you were babies ... right?

  5. You are such an outside girl! That's why the weather affects you so much. Since I'm more an inside girl, I enjoy the bad weather, as long as I don't get too much for too long. Glad you're getting some great weather now to ride and visit outside. :)