Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yup, It’s SKEETER Season here in Beautiful (but ALWAYS raining) British Columbia.

Of course with me it doesn’t matter if there’s one or a hundred !!  They love me !!  I have about 10 bites all over my arms and ankles – yes they’ve even bitten me on the ankles through my socks.

These bites turn into welts and lasts for days.  I have a product that takes the itch away thankfully.

I can’t imagine being in a forested Provincial Park right now – you definitely would not be able to sit outside at all.


Pretty much every day, and especially on weekends, I see all these hand gliders.  One day I saw 7 of them.  Now THAT is something I’d LOVE to do.


I haven’t figured out yet where they take off from or where they land but I’m going to try and find out.  I’d like to see that.


Also on the weekends the rich Folks go to the SANDPIPER GOLF RESORT (which is right next door to this Park) and take their own private airplanes out for a spin.  So I get to see an air show every weekend.  This Golf Resort has its own landing strip !!

I haven’t been able to get a pic of that yet.  But I got these pics from the Internet.  Gorgeous huh !!




One day I took a spin to Harrison Hot Springs.  This little Town was a favourite weekend get-a-way spot for us back in ‘da day.  But, like everything else, it has changed a lot and is now very ‘Touristy’.

It is still a gorgeous spot but the day I was there it was oh so busy – there was even a Wedding on the Beach.

I decided to head out of Town and towards the SASQUATCH PROVINCIAL PARK.  I wanted to see what this Park was like but the Camping areas are 6KMS/4MILES further into the Forest and on a dirt road.

The road was in good condition and I rode in about 3 KMS and then decided to turn around.  Too much wiggly wobbly on the bike for this old gal.

I found an awesome day use area (that is also park of the Park) which is described on their website as “a quiet alternative to the main beach and swimming area in town”.  I couldn’t agree more !!


I ‘specks Bennie and I will ride out there again packing a lunch and bringing a book to spend a few lazy hours there.


I saw this pic on Facebook.  Just had to post it !!    OUCH !



  1. Sassy, its called "Hang Gliding", as in hanging from the glider. The ones in your pics are actually paragliders (no frame). They take off near the top of Mount Woodside, above the confluence of the Harrison River & Fraser River. There are several paragliding & hang gliding schools in the area, The one I'm familiar with is FlyBC, great folks; and they have their own private landing area, Eagle Ranch. give it a try, you'll love it. But there will be a lot of training & practice, before they let you launch off Mt Woodside.

  2. Are you dissin' Provincial Parks. I'll have you know, we have very few skeeters cus we have BATS!!!

  3. Oh man, I guess that photo is everyone's worst nightmare.

  4. Know your rig's height, people! This is not the kind of air conditioning you want.

  5. Please tell me what you use to take the itch out of the mosquito bites - I also get big welts and they drive me crazy!

    1. I use a product called "After Bite". Works for me very well.

  6. Oh no! I think they forgot they were driving something a little bigger than that bridge opening!! Your neck of the woods looks like our neck of the woods. It's certainly pretty this time of year. Deet ... try Deet for those skeeters.

  7. No 'skeeters' where we are in the Langley area. I do recall having to fend off those biters when playing the Sandpiper Golf Course at times, in years past.