Friday, June 7, 2013


I guess once I ride this route several hundred times I’ll tire of it.

But for now I love it.  The road is in excellent condition; there are enough curves and twisties to make it great for riding and the scenery is amazing.

You are surrounded by mountains and farmland.

This one is going over the Harrison River Bridge – almost home.  Where I am staying is just off to the left.  Just off to the right is KILBY PROVINCIAL PARK where I stopped awhile back to have lunch one day.  There is more information about the Kilby Historic Site HERE.

There are lots of little guys around here for Bennie to play with.  He just met Tega (sp?) who is only 3 years old.  Bennie does try to keep up and this little guy is just about the cutest little pup you’d ever want to see !


Not possible around here.  I showed you pics of some of the Owner’s set-ups.  Beautifully landscaped and covered areas so they can enjoy being ‘outside’ despite the weather.

I figured seeing as I’m going to be here for awhile I’d add my own bit of colour to brighten up my spot.


We just went through FIVE straight days of beautiful sunshine and warmth.  Even the evenings were warm enough to leave all windows open overnight.  Dang, those crickets/frogs are LOUD !  LOL

We have some rain here today, however, after today the forecast is once again saying lots of sunshine and warm temperature.  Love that !  I have found that since I’ve gotten ‘older’ the weather really affects me.  I NEED sunshine or else my whole mood changes.


  1. Decorating the bike I see! They are frogs, not crickets. ;)

  2. You did a great job decorating the bike. Very impressive. Better crickets and frogs than trains and trucks.

  3. Denise, most people are affected by the weather, but especially when they are getting older. I can't stand extended periods of grey weather. Just hate it.

  4. Yes, sunshine, please. Even I don't like the grumpy Gus I become when it rains too many days in a row.

  5. Love your planter and those gorgeous flowers. Do you water it on or off the Harley?

    We have sunshine and it's supposed to be around for a while .... thank goodness!

  6. Flowers on the bike...Geez Sass, ya jus' gave me a great idea...