Friday, June 14, 2013


As my good Bud SANDIE always says – “It’s hard to find something to Blog about when you’re just living”.


That’s what the Owners have named the spot Jo and Tara (Park Managers) have.  And I continue to be amazed with what they’ve done with their spot and how beautiful they have it.

They just recently finished screening in their deck area.  They bought this product while in Arizona last Winter and apparently it is wind and rain resistant.  Sure extends their outdoor living space – despite the weather !

See the part at the front of their 5th wheel ?  Well that is for their motorcycle.


I saw this guy fishing while I was walking around.  This is how I spell S E R E N I T Y !!


Had my second little fire.


But with me – well if you are gonna have a fire – have a FIRE !!




I drink a LOT of water.  At least 4-5 bottles a day and that gets expensive here.  In Yuma you can get 5 Gallons of drinking water for 50 Cents !  Here (at Walmart) to re-fill your drinking water jugs it is .93 cents a Gallon (plus the taxes of course !)

So to re-fill 10 of my 1 Gallon jugs now costs me about $10.00 instead one $1.00 !!

I re-fill my drinking water jugs and then re-fill my drinking water bottles. Turns out the tap water is drinkable – according to Jo.  He said they tapped into a spring.  So I went out and got a filter (just as an added precaution) and one of those 1-2 adaptor thingies.


Actually I already have one of those adaptors – but CAN’T FIND IT !!!  Don’t know how I can’t find something in such a SMALL living space but I do manage it on a regular basis !!

So now I have one attached to the water filter and will refill my drinking water jugs through this one.


And the other outlet I will use for anything else I need water for – like re-filling my fresh water tank etc.

I wonder what the reasoning was for putting the water spigot underground ??  Sure makes it difficult to get at.


YES, The string broke on another blind !!  How many is that now ??  I’ve lost track !!


Am I that hard on them ??  I think the reason is that the Factory just strings them far too tight !  To open them takes both arms and all my strength – ok well “all my strength” isn’t that much ‘cause I’m such a weakling.

So when I re-string them I don’t make it so tight and much easier to raise.

The good news is that I sure know HOW to re-string them now.


But it doesn’t make the job any less tedious.


A little video of Bennie running around.  He doesn’t run as fast as he used to that’s for sure.  My little boy is over 13 years old now.


  1. That makes me think of Jim - just sitting out there on his boat waiting for a fish to bite. And loving every minute of it. When we get to Helena, I am going to be in non-blog status because there will be nothing to blog about. That's why I try to make up for it on our trips north and south. You video didn't show up for me today. My Scooter just turned 13 but let me tell you, if there's a squirrel or rabbit she can move awful fast.

    1. Sandie, I thought of Jim when I saw this guy. Strange about the video not showing up for you ? I just checked it and it's ok for me ??

  2. That really is a beautiful spot you are in. I know - I lose stuff in my camper van all the time and wonder how that's possible in such a small space.

  3. Think the water spigot might be underground to make it easier to insulate it in the winter?

    I was looking for my magnet yesterday. Anyone have any idea where it went?

  4. Your picture reminded me of how much I like your bedroom. So homey.

  5. Really like that add-on to the fifth wheel!

  6. I lose things in my little RV all the time - and find them months later! ;-)

  7. The boat did look like serenity. It gave the appearance of a very peaceful and relaxing day. Good job! Maybe we'll buy a bunch of new curtains and have you string them now that you're experienced at it. We haven't broke any strings but just need a change.

  8. My mother was always putting things away for safe keeping.So safe she couldn't find those things she put away. ;)

  9. Hi Sassy! -- I enjoy reading about you & Bennie's adventures. Do you think you'll make it back to Atlantic Canada? There's a driveway here in PEI with a water view that has your name on it! If you get this way you & Bennie are welcome to park here.

    Later this summer we are planning a trip to Newfoundland in our tiny aluminum trailer we call "Lil'Fart". We'll be going to Gros Morne for a few days of camping and hope to experience some of what makes your home Province so special. It is 29 years since I was last to Newfoundland so I'm really looking forward to the trip. Any advice? We will likely just visit the West coast. ---- Regards, Ross

  10. Hi Ross, Thanks for following us along !! No idea when I'll make it back to Atlantic Canada but thanks for your offer. PEI is gorgeous and I would love to spend some time there - in the Summer of course. LOL

    LOVE the name of your trailer. But unfortunately I cannot give you any suggestions re the West Coast of the Island. My time was always on the East Coast.