Sunday, June 2, 2013


Yes, That’s what those weather people are – LIARS !!  All last week it was awful – rain, rain and more rain.  I was stuck in the house getting serious cabin fever.

I kept checking the forecast and there ‘appeared’ to be hope by Friday and they said we were actually going to get several days of sunshine !

The closer it came to Friday well that changed.  They changed the forecast to show rain for Friday but starting Saturday it was going to be warm and sunny.  OK, I figured, I can hold out one more day.

And then that changed !!  The closer it got to Saturday the forecast changed again and it showed rain for Saturday – and it goes on !

RENE asked in my last Blog post if the Park was directly across the Harrison River from where he plays golf.  I believe I am – the following picture must be the golf course ?


I never noticed it before in my walks around the Park – likely because I couldn’t see it due to all the rain and fog !!

So Rene no excuses now.  Hop on that gorgeous new Harley you got and you and Jeanette pop by for a visit !

So far my stay here has been wonderful.  The OLD ORCHARD RV PARK is blissfully quiet and the only thing you can hear at night are the crickets – well Norm says they are frogs that are making that sound at night.

This is the view I have from my side door.  Now if only I could get that trailer moved !!  Must talk to Management about that !!  LOL


And this is my view from my front window.  Oh yeah, I can live with this.


Each time I walk around the Park I see something that I haven’t noticed before.  They even have a couple of these around in case we are caught off guard with our ‘kids’.  Absolutely NO excuses for not picking up after your animals.


Tara (and hubby Jo) are the Park Managers and I posted pics of their gorgeous spot in my last Blog.  The regulars here at the Park have named their spot as “Tara’s Point”.  Love it.

Again I never noticed before the arrangement of flowers etc. at the base of this tree which is directly behind their rig.  Check out the wood sculpture in the centre of the pic.


And look at these two wood sculptures !!  Don’t know (yet) who does them but it is pretty amazing stuff.


Yesterday Betty (my EX-EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT) and hubby Norm came by to visit and bring me some mail I had forwarded to them.



I made lunch !!  Egg salad sandwiches, marble cake and grapes.


We took a walk around the Park.  I was holding on for dear life in both of the following pictures !!


You see we walked out on the dock and it was swaying with the flow of the water.


It wasn’t overly cold but despite the ‘forecast’ for sun and warmth Saturday was a cloudy and gloomy day.


So we had lunch inside and enjoyed our visit.

Today my good friend Tyner came to visit – that will be for another Blog Post.


  1. Hard to imagine you enjoying a park so much for so long. So that means it must really be a great place. At least having company helps to pass the time when the weather is lousy.

  2. Once Jeanette returns from a two week visit in Alberta, we'll fire up the Harley and head out your way.

  3. You are definitely in a gorgeous area. Here's hoping the sunshine hangs around for a real long time and that rain just moves on east!

  4. We had the opposite happen here this past weekend. The weather guys said 90% chance of rain for Fri. and Sat. My husband signed up to work both days....and wouldn't you know it. THEY WERE WRONG, AGAIN! Nice days, both of them!!

  5. Good to see you looking so healthy again. Wishing you sunny skies and good rides.

  6. I know the feeling of all the rain. I'm in South Carolina now to see my Great Grand Niece and Tropical Storm Andrea in bearing down on us. We are far enough inland (Near Columbia) so that all we expect from the storm is lots of rain. Your looking great Gal.