Monday, June 24, 2013


That’s the Slogan for the Chilliwack Airport Coffee Shop.  But this place is much more than an ordinary ‘coffee shop’.

As some of you know I lived in Vancouver, B.C. many, MANY years ago for about 15 years.  During that time I became good friends with several co-workers.

It’s very difficult to stay in touch with people once you move and your life (and theirs) go through so many changes.

Since living in Vancouver, I’ve lived in Toronto for many, MANY years and then returned back to NL and now for the last years I’ve been living in my RV.

Despite this I’ve managed to stay reasonably connected with a few of the woman I was friends with back in ‘da day.  Likely (I think) because with these three – we are all from the East Coast and that was the connection.

Marilyn (who I call MAW) is also originally from NL (although I didn’t know her there), Elaine (who I call Tyner) is from New Brunswick, and Lynn (who I call….well Lynn) from Quebec (I try not to hold that against her !! LOL).

I’ve already spent some time with Marilyn and Tyner but hadn’t seen Lynn yet on this trip.

“There’s no need to book a flight to sample the 60-plus types of pie at Chilliwack Municipal Airport’s coffee shop, a short detour on a Fraser Valley road trip.”


We got together on Sunday and had Lunch at this Coffee Shop.

Now you are no doubt wondering why on Earth would anyone have Lunch at an AIRPORT Coffee Shop.  An Airport is likely the worst place for food !

“Motorists road-tripping through the Fraser Valley can spot Chilliwack airport from Highway 1, due to the light planes descending gently toward the airstrip that parallels the road. A five-minute drive brings you to the terminal. Free parking! That’s enough to prove this is no ordinary airport.”


Not this place !!  The food is known to be delicious (and it was); the service outstanding (and it was) and particularly knows for its PIES.


I was too full after Lunch for the pie but I did get a slice of Blueberry Pie to bring home and ate it later.  Yummy !

“They`re freshly baked pies made on location and with real shortening. “


The girls came back to my place after lunch and we had a wonderful afternoon catching up and relaxing.


I can definitely see myself going back there some afternoon for another piece of pie.


  1. Good to see you reconnecting with old friends

  2. I want blueberry pie - my favorite.

  3. You all look like you are having such a good time. Good for you!

  4. Nice to enjoy a reunion like this. And I would have gone for the pie!

  5. yummy we love to stop in Chilliwack for a coffee break and a piece of pie, great rest stop on the way to Vancouver

  6. Sometimes airports have great food! Sometimes not so much. Looks like you're still having a good time and that's the important stuff.

  7. That airport is always a great lunch spot. We've been there a time or two and the pie selections is the largest I have ever seen.

  8. The coffee shop food looks good. I've eaten in airports before, and had drinks in the bars, and never had a complaint. Long time ago, of course. I'd hate flying now.

    How fun to spend some time with old friends!

  9. The food looks really good. At an airport huh? Very cool!