Saturday, June 22, 2013


As I mentioned in my last post Joe and Tara (and of course little Milo) took me out for a spin in their boat.  What a time I had !!

Now you’d think that someone who was raised right on the Atlantic Ocean would be quite comfortable with the water.  NOT !!  I think I must have almost drowned when I was a kid ‘cause I have a love/fear of the water.

Love looking at it, walking around it, being by it – but not IN IT !

Here’s Milo looking way cool in his life jacket…


And Joe heading down the ramp to get the boat ready for take-off !


I decided not to take Bennie with me although they said I could.  I figured I’d have enough on my hands handling myself !

Some of the following videos are a bit blurry for the first second or so but they clear up.

BACKING OUT – The calmest part of the ride.

APPROACHING THE HARRISON RIVER BRIDGE – He’s still being considerate and going slow.

HE’S PICKS UP SPEED !  I had a TIGHT GRIP on something.

GOING UNDER THE BRIDGE – Gawd it looked like we were going to hit that bridge so I ducked which is why the camera went haywire at the end.


MORE CURRENTS – I think they had a great time watching the FEAR on my face.

DELIBERATELY GOING THROUGH THE CURRENTS – Lots of debris in the water so you gotta really watch where you are going.

DEAD END – He kept going down this part of the River and it looked like a dead end to me.

And it was a dead end.  He told me to “Hold On” – I didn’t realize he really meant HOLD ON !!  As he put the boat into a spin and got us turned around.

I had a BLAST !


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I can't anymore--too scared after an horrible accident. Still like being by the water but not on it.

  2. Awesome that you conquered the fear and enjoyed your time on the water. Fun to have the opportunity to do something different from the ordinary. It makes the best days!! Mighty pretty country too!!

  3. Oh those power boaters! Always a hurry to get where the fun is. That's why I like sailing. Getting there is all the fun.
    Don't mind me. I like going fast too.
    Good on ya for getting out there. It can be habit forming.

  4. See!! Being in a boat can be fun. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Now you might want to go out again. Next we know you'll be full-timing it on a boat and not an RV.

  5. I think the fear sometimes makes the fun.....funner!

  6. I'm the same way around water. I love to look at it, wade in it, fish in it, or sit in a boat that's in it. Just don't put ME in it. Unless it's pretty warm water on a hot day and I have a life vest on. Then I'm okay. I think I was around warm water once when a life vest was available. :)