Saturday, May 4, 2013


The last two days have finally warmed up and the forecast for the next FULL WEEK is ‘supposed’ to be the same.  ‘Bout time I’d say !!  LOL

Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got a few things done outside – like cleaning the solar panels, doing the tanks etc.

Bennie has been so good around here and never ventures off very far.


Seeing as I was outside and Mr. Benjamin was also there I wanted to make him comfortable so brought out his bed.  Look where he decides to lay !!


Yup, That’s my boy !



Yesterday was a ‘work’ day so today was a riding day.  Packed my lunch and off we went at around Noon.  It was 22C/72F by then and perfect for riding.

I wish I knew how to imbed the Google Maps into here but I don’t so here’s the link if you’re interested in the route I took:,+BC&daddr=Deroche,+BC+to:Agassiz,+BC+to:Chilliwack,+BC&hl=en&sll=49.137236,-121.949857&sspn=0.181042,0.488892&geocode=FZq87gId6AO0-CmztdMLMjGEVDGme0RMdfMb6w%3BFVON7gIdZ1C5-Ckhcsm4RjmEVDEUp1GO_atW3g%3BFZ1T7wIdBQC--CkNHXhzQhOEVDE0AetQ_-h6aw%3BFTQX7gIdFSu7-Cmn8-l1nT-EVDEwovnSbzhJHQ&oq=chilliw&mra=ls&t=m&z=10

I decided to do the loop from Mission to Chilliwack back to Mission via the 7 East Route and what a gorgeous ride it was.

The Province of British Columbia is truly spectacular – when it’s not raining !

This route is obviously VERY popular for motorcyclists because there were tons of fellow riders on the road.  I got tired of doing ‘the wave’ !

I came across this Community Hall with a nice large parking lot – and more importantly a nice big tree with SHADE and figured that it was going to be a great place to stop for lunch.

I caught a glimpse of behind the building….


Bennie didn’t even need to be kept on his leash and quickly settled in while I had my lunch.


I had intended to stop in Chilliwack to see MAW on the way back and jotted down the Exit Number only.  I’ve been there several times so figured I’d know how to find her place -------- NOT !!  I got a great tour of parts of Chilliwack that I had never seen before and absolutely nothing looked familiar.

So back on the main Highway I went and headed home.

When I got back at 5:00PM it was 28C/82F.  Sure is nice sitting back here at 9:00PM and it’s still warm enough to have the windows open.


  1. We put out a rug and a pillow for the girls and they lay on the hot rocks. What a great ride. I love having the windows and door open in the evenings.

  2. How does Bennie ride? He is such a good boy...

  3. Glad to see that the perpetual rain has finally stopped and that you had a fun day again. Over here we can still dream of 22C. IT's more like 12C and by now we consider that a warm day. I don't know whether we ever get a spring lasting for more than one day.

  4. The weather is super especially for a Harley ride. We saw lots of riders out on the back roads yesterday. They felt just like you do!

  5. Of course Bennie's laying on the warm concrete!

    Beautiful photo of the snow covered mountains in the distance. Sounds like you had a great day. It seems that's your favorite kind of day, great weather and a motorcycle ride. :)

  6. When it's nice in British Columbia, it's really nice!

  7. Yay for finally good weather. Hope you gets lots of it and lots of riding in your future.