Thursday, May 9, 2013


When I knew I was heading to B.C. for the Spring thru Fall I started looking for boondocking spots.  Well let me tell you, in Canada, they are pretty much non-existent.  One has to be very `creative`.

But I did manage to find one in Mission - never thinking in a million years that I would actually use it.  I mean after all – it was MISSION !  That’s really out in the boonies.  Or so it was during my ‘Vancouver days’.

You see I lived in downtown Vancouver for about 15 years when I was much, MUCH, younger.  We used to go to areas like Mission for our weekend get-a-way camping.  It was far, far, away !  LOL

Well I am now into my third week here and LOVING it.  Joan may never get rid of me !!  Joan and her Family (including the four legged ones) have been so nice to me.

There are lots of areas to explore on the bike and the roads are awesome.  And still it is just a short bike ride into Coquitlam to visit my EX-EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT or to Chilliwack to see my friend Marilyn.

The weather also has been amazing.  We even had several days in a row that were too hot.  Can you even believe that ??  Yes, It was in the mid-high 80`s.  Now it`s back to more normal temperatures for early May.  It will be like this until Sunday and then the RAIN starts again and the temperatures drop.

This beautiful manicured front lawn is the view from my front door.


And if things here were not already great enough, Bennie has many little Pals to play with.  Eegor is his favourite of course, but this little guy comes to visit often.  His name is `”Mr.” and he follows Bennie around constantly.


Chores still have to be done and off I go to get my propane tank filled.  I’ve only had to do this once before (on the bike) and thankfully there is a gas station that sells propane about 1/4 mile away.


Liking my new computer lots !  Especially the very long battery life.  I now can once again enjoy the benefits (mobility) of having a laptop.

I decided to go with the 15`` this time – actually it`s 15.6`` and it`s much lighter.  The learning curve was pretty much nil because I also decided to stay with Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.  All the reviews I read on Windows 8 were not good.



Getting my files transferred over posed somewhat of a challenge but I managed to get it done.

This is the back of the property just as the Sun was going down.



  1. Only time I've ever been to Mission was to pay a visit to Mission Raceway, back in the late spring of '03. It's certainly a nice area, I totally can see why you're a little reluctant to just head off somewhere.
    Our weather here has finally smartened up, but today we have a bit of that mugginess going on. Such is the way it is in Southern Ontario. Humidity is a totally foreign concept to B.Cers.

  2. Nice place to land. I can understand a willingness to stay awhile.

  3. You are warmer in Canada than we are here in southern Calif. Go figure! Right now, it's 68* and has been lower that that. Not good. That clip of Bennie is too funny.

  4. You are at a beautiful place, I'd stay too. Bennie looks happy too.

  5. So glad you found such a wonderful spot to park for awhile or a long while. And Bennie has buddies to play with. we're warm here but getting HOT next week.

  6. Glad to see yer havin' fun Sassy......I would never leave!! I would even go to the local registering office and try and get that piece of heaven in my name....oh, it's already claimed you say....LOL!! Enjoy.

  7. you have found a beautiful area to park, wow, glad to hear you got your new computer and all is well

  8. Isn't a new computer wonderful? How did you get Windows 7? Did you order it special from Dell? When I bought mine, the stores all had Windows 8. I DID order one from Dell on-line when I was in San Diego, but my credit card was refused. So I gave them another one, and that was refused too. I called both companies, and they both thought it was a fraudulent purchase. THANKS FOR CALLING ME AND ASKING! This happened over a couple of days, and my delivery time was running out. I wanted to leave soon for Arizona. So I thought, maybe I'll go with the Costco laptop with Windows 8. I loved 7, and am living with 8. I'm getting used to it. Good choice, though, on the 7. :)

    1. Barbara, I did order my new Dell online direct from their website and sure didn't have to wait very long before it was delivered. Glad I didn't go with Windows 8 as I haven't read anything good about it.

  9. You are a lucky lady, my friend. Joan sounds lovely and I hope to meet her one day. Definitely, your luck this time in B.C. is much better than your last. And you found this place on your own. Like I have said before, you don't need an Executive Assistant anymore.


    EX-Executive Assistant

  10. YADA YADA YADA BLAH BLAH BLAH. I DO still require an EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT and then I'd have more time to ride !!

    Joan is quite lovely for sure. You and Norm need to take a run out here one day before I leave. I'm heading to a chicken farm next !

  11. enjoy our lovely BC weather!! the rains are coming, yet again!
    Mission is a lovely area and not too far from us!

  12. My dear whas goin' on wit ya?? Yer on the farm and got er made.....relaxin, bikin' and no blog.....get on the job, we want to hear some "stories from away"!!