Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The SPAM I get is just simply getting out of control !!

I didn’t even realize I could change the settings to stop this.  I just recently read it on another Blog.

AND the reason I didn’t realize it is because my EX-EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT has been taking care of all that teckie stuff on the Blog for me for over a year now and then ‘da lazy bum up and quits on me !!  So I had to figure it out all  by myself.  Maybe if I offered her a RAISE she’d come back to work ???

Anyhooooo, The options that show are:

“Anyone - includes Anonymous Users” (that’s the setting I had it at)

“Registered User - includes Open ID” 

“User with Google Accounts” 

“Only members of this blog”

I’m not sure of what the difference is between “Registered User - includes Open ID” – and - “User with Google Accounts” so I changed it to “User with Google Accounts”.  Maybe someone can educate me here ??

So for those of you who comment under “Anonymous” – and I love your comments – please keep doing so but you just gotta sign in now or something.


  1. If you set it on "User with Google Accounts".....anyone who does not have a Google account will not be able to comment. Setting it on "Registered User - includes Open ID" will allow those with another registered account like Yahoo which means they have an identity to comment. Better choice in my humble opinion. It still keeps the spammers out.

    1. Colleen, Thanks for that info. I've changed it.

  2. I think that is what our Friend Rick suggested to. That is what I have mine on and no anounymous ever.

  3. I had mine set to no anon, then a friend passed away. I put up a memorial post on her and reset to allow anon so other friends could comment. Then came the flood of spammers. Then I reset to moderate comments. But I really didn't like having to do that. Now I've gone back and blocked anon commenters again. Whew, no more spams.

  4. No anonymous comments here anymore either. But I'll tell you what, they spammers are getting sneaky. I had one today that looked like a normal comment with name and all. Granted it was a weird name and someone I hadn't heard from before. I posted it. When I viewed my blog, there was a link to T-shirts for Iron Man 3. DELETE!

  5. Setting comments for Open I.D. is a safe bet. It allows anyone with an established identity to comment but not the Spammers. We made the change around Februaryand haven't had any problems since. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It'sabout time.

  6. Thank goodness most of the folks that read my blog have google accounts. Hate those spammers.

  7. Well now I'm just commenting to see if I can! LOL. Glad the bike is fixed. Where's your next ride?

  8. OK, let me try this again from my PC and not my tablet.

    Denise, your faithful readers are smarter than me and they can come to your aid much faster than I can these days. Your readers are another reason you don't need me.


    EX-Executive Assistant

  9. Hey Sassy, Seems funny for me to call you Sassy. I drop in every once and a while and read your blog just to see what you are up too. I finally made it to NC but and still flooded with paper work on Registration and Insurance and stuff for the new truck. Hope to see you in AZ this winter. Lee