Thursday, May 23, 2013


But first a word about Technology.  Like most of us I’m sure, I simply take it for granted now.  But sometimes it HITS me as it did the other day.

I’m parked on the street in front of MAW’s house but cannot connect to her Wi-Fi on my new Dell Computer.  I can, however, connect using my old HP computer.

So here I am calling Dell Technical Support (which is probably somewhere in China !!) – via Skype – from the HP Computer using Marilyn’s Wi-Fi.  Talking to the air while they take access of the Dell Computer and check the various settings.

I have the Dell Computer hooked into the Internet via my Bell Turbo Stick.

I am in my RV – not plugged into any electrical – no Cable connection – no connection to any ‘power’ lines etc. etc.

Yet I have Internet on TWO computers and talking to someone far far away via Skype.

Hurts my wee little head when I try and comprehend it !!


OK so now back to the bike.  This past weekend (in Canada) was the ‘May Long Weekend’ and it was a L O N G weekend for me for sure.  I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do and just hanging around Wally’s.

MAW and hubby were at their place in Birch Bay and came back home on Sunday so I spent Sunday and Monday night there.  Got fed some mighty fine meals once again.  Thanks MAW !

FINALLY on Tuesday I call the Dealer to see what the situation is on my bike.  The Service Department is CLOSED – due to the long weekend.  Had to endure another long day.

YESTERDAY I couldn’t get through to them on the phone so I drove over there.  THE PART IS IN and John is working on the bike.  YIPPPEEEE !!

This Dealership is probably the smallest Harley Davidson Store I’ve ever been in but I have to tell you that they are BIG on Customer Service.  No ‘attitude’ here and very, very friendly people.

LOOK !  They even have their trash bins painted in the Harley colours.  First time I’ve seen that. Oh Me Nerves !!  LOL


Here’s my new best friend – John – working on my bike.  BTW, John and his wife also have a Blog –  Byron, Thought you might like to check it out.  I haven’t had a chance yet myself to have a look there.


And here is the CULPRIT that caused me all this trouble.  It is called a “Stator” and who knew it was even in the frikkin’ bike – I sure didn’t !

See the BLACK on the coils – that’s not supposed to be there.  There’s another small coil on the top with some black in it so that was on it’s way out also.


John was sauteéing my bike !


I hear that oh so gorgeous and familiar sound.  Quickly grabbed my camera to see John riding off on my bike.  That means the job is done and I’ll soon be outta there.  They always take it for a test spin after any maintenance work.


I got ‘DA HULK all ready to load the bike and am patiently waiting.


Didn’t have the camera quite ready in time to video John loading the bike into my ‘garage’.

THE BILL – Well it wasn’t the worst case scenario ($1,000 +) but it sure wasn’t the best case scenario either. $633.92 FRIKKIN DOLLARS LATER !!  $330.00 of it was labour !!

But I got my girl back and that’s the main thing.


  1. Sure good to read that you have your Softtail back. I hope you get to enjoy some good riding weather in the next couple of days.

    1. Haven't checked the forecast yet Rene - but I sure hope to see some sunshine.

  2. Good news! You are so right about the technology. I'm in a mall in rapid city, awaiting a call from the van doctor. The van is having major surgery. But I'm sending you a message via my kindle fire from my Wi-Fi hotspot. Miracle!

  3. Yay for getting her back! Yay for connectivity! Yay for life being good!

    Suppose I should be saying, "Huzzah", in my three cheers?

  4. ya... repairs sure are expensive... something we really don't have in our budget. Glad the Harley is back at home.

    1. These kinds of unexpected expenses sure are NOT in my budget either !! These are the months that I need to put the $$ aside for the gas to go South again this coming Winter - and if I'm lucky a little 'cushion'.
      But it never turns out that way as it seems something always comes up ! grrrr

  5. Well, he needed you to help him pay the rent. Did he thank you for that?

    Looks like you've been doing a lot of multi-tasking with all that technology!!

  6. Hope you get some good weather now to enjoy your "girl"! It's raining here and I saw that NF good snow last weekend. UGH!

  7. Good to get that sucker fixed up again. Now you are FREE to roam around again.

  8. I have replaced three stators and have found they fail at the worst possible times. If your shop didn't tell you, they are like the alternator or generator on a car.(except they cost 10X more to fix!)