Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Last week wasn’t a bad week weather wise.  I got out on the bike several days in a row.  But still very cold during the mornings and the evenings.

My Mr. Heater is on constantly and I’m plowing through the propane.  Thankfully I have the adaptor to re-fill those little propane canisters, making it very inexpensive to have heat in the rig.

I saw that we were forecasted to have several days of rain and horrible weather so I got Bennie to the Groomers.  He went from being a Dirty Desert Dog to a Dirty Farm Dog to a CLEAN MACHINE – at least for a little while.

Fresh from the Groomers with that silly handkerchief thing they put on his neck.  That got ‘da flick right quick !!


Eegor (previously mis-spelled his name) and Bennie playing.

And then I decided to tackle re-stringing that blind that’s been broken now for about a month I guess.  This will be the FOURTH one I’ve had to do.  Am I that hard on these blinds !!??  The other three were the single ones – this was the first double blind I did.


I was at it for TWO DAYS !!

Taking down the blind and removing the decorative framing part was easy.


Then you get the supplies you need out and handy – plus the Instructions – which are USELESS !!  I’d never have been able to re-string the blinds trying to follow those instructions.  YouTube is the best as it shows videos from others who have tackled this awful job.


Then you lay it out on a flat surface and pay VERY close attention to how the strings are criss-crossed.  I took a gazillion pictures – all to no avail.  Still didn’t help me.


Off to YouTube I go and a video on there did provide some direction.  But I still near lost my soul doing this one and I dare say a few “FOOIE’S” were said !!

Hmmm, OK so this is how it starts….


On the double blinds there are FOUR strings and they have to be crossed over a certain way at the top, the middle and the bottom…


I finally did manage to get it done but couldn’t get it snapped back into place.  The brackets were behind a set of cupboards and very difficult to get your hands up there and feel your way around.  Plus the blind was heavy.  I eventually had to resort to asking for help and Joan (my Hostess with the Mostess) came to the rescue.  With me holding the blind she was able to snap them into place.

Sure glad that job is done !!

My solar and batteries continue to be tested during these overcast and rainy days.  I am VERY pleased to say that they are passing with flying colours.  The lowest I’ve gone one night was 12.3 – which is 70%.  Gotta like that.

I saw that my little guy was curled up pretty tight in his bed.  That meant he was cold.  So being the good Mom that I am, I put one of Nan’s quilts on the floor right next to the heater.  He wasn’t long getting myself settled there.  Now he’s very relaxed and warm.


AND I even had a real COOKED DINNER !  Haven’t had one of those since last Summer when I was at my Mom’s.  Joan invited me to join them for Sunday dinner and I wasn’t about to refuse that !!  She had her parents over also and it was a delight to meet them.  Her Mom is such a cutie pie !  Dinner was a deee-lish roast complete with all the trimmings.  Thanks Joan !

This morning I woke up to 3C/37F.  Say it with me Folks – BRRRRRRR

But the forecast for the next week is looking awesome.  Low to mid 20’s = 70 – 79F.  Sure looking forward to that.

My new DELL computer arrived yesterday so now I have to figure out how to get all my files/pictures from the old one to the new one.


  1. One of the first things I did was get rid of my day/night shades. I am NEVER restringing one of those! Good for you for sticking with it, though.

    1. Ahhhh Linda, Being POOR is such a strong motivator ! LOL

  2. Sounds like you left the south too soon!!! We are having mild weather here but some rain today. You are such a good mom to Bennie. He looks like he is very comfortable and warm stretched out on his bed of quilts. Stay warm and if I ever need our day/night shades restrung I will know who to call. LOL

    1. Yes, I am definitely the re-stringing day/night shade EXPERT now for sure !

  3. BRRRRR! Poor little clean Bennie - he looks so embarrassed in that first photo.

    1. Kimmer, I got if off him as quickly as possible. LOL

  4. What, no picture of the new dell?
    There should be a utility built in the new one to transfer files from your old one.
    I enjoy your blog but seldom leave comments.
    I'm really impressed by your choice of traveling alone. Two people would cut costs by 50% and provide a safety zone. Also four eyes see three times more then two, comes in handy going around ditches/culverts that tend to mess things up.

  5. Mickey, You BAD ! I was just showing Joan the pics of the infamous "ditch" incident !

    There is a utility to transfer files, however, you need the data transfer cable - which I can't seem to find for Windows 7 as everything is Windows 8 now.

  6. We have the job still ahead of us.:(
    If the other shades quit as well in the near future I strongly consider to put up old fashioned curtains.

    1. Bea, Make them last until we get to AZ next Winter and I'll re-string them for you. Gawd only knows I have enough experience doing it !! LOL

  7. Denise, I am a follower originally from QOTRF (keod).....we have messaged there before. Are you planning on coming through Alberta? I'm in Edmonton but could come down Calgary way to say hi on your way through if the stars line up.

    1. Gosh I haven't been on that Forum in awhile. Must go check to see what the Queens are doing.

      But no plans to go to Alberta - staying put in B.C. until it's time to head South again.

  8. We certainly have some nice weather around here now and mid 80's are forecast to roll in around the weekend.

  9. Benny is such a cutie. Glad you got him all warmed up. We have lots of sun down this way. You batteries would never discharge.

  10. Hi Denise, glad yer doing ok and Bennie is quite content with not a care in the world!! I can just hear those bad words while re stringing those blinds...poor or not, they would have been in the garbage if I were doin them, LOL!! Take care and still nothing from your entry on CMC re: boondocking!!